My First Contest Win
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My First Contest Win

A look into my first tech deck world championship.

My First Contest Win

Many of you know that I am very athletic and talented at many sports. I played JV soccer for four years of my high school career. If that doesn't scream athlete then somebody tell me what does. I don't like to brag, but today I'm going to. I am the reigning tech deck champion of Whistler British Columbia village. Yeah you heard it right, Whistler Canada baby, I flew all they way out there in order to be in this competition. It may have been a family vacation but that's not the point.

As my family and I were walking into a skate shop store, my brother and I saw a huge tech deck skatepark. It's skateboarding but with your fingers, once again, if that doesn't say athlete, please let me know what does. As we were playing around I saw a sign that said tech deck competition at 6PM. I looked and it was only noon! I asked my parents and my brother and signed up for the competition. That's all I could think about all day. Would Steven Anthony Lawrence be there? The best tech deck skater in the world?! Would Justin Bieber play at halftime? Would I be on TV?! As 6PM came around we entered back into the skate shop. The worker and I made eye contact, and she knew exactly what we were here for. I looked around for my fellow competitors and found nobody.

Welllllllll this wasn't what I expected, but who cares! The worst I can do is get second! That's the best I've ever done in anything! So the worker read the rules (make note this lady was for sure hungover and the last thing she wanted to do was judge a tech deck skate contest) and my brother went first. He had some narly falls, he almost broke his index finger trying a triple Oreo Mcflurry down the five stair. As he finished I knew what I had to do. The one trick that nobody had ever done in tech deck history.... The triple cream espresso kick flip with a late sugar flip. As I rode around the course the trick was all I could think about, I looked up and she said I had five seconds left, I knew it was time. As I approach the ramp I flicked my wrist with all my heart and watched the board fly into the air. Who knows what it exactly did but in my mind it was the trick. I caught the board and landed it with time expiring. I jumped up and celebrated with the random lady who was in the store shopping for her grandson. She wasn't amused, but little did she know history had just been made in front of her own two eyes.

Then came the ceremony. I imagined me stepping on the podium with two girls handing me a medal and a kiss and a check for $1000. What actually happened was the hungover worker gave me a t-shirt and some stickers while the lady talked to my parents about letting their kid celebrate with random strangers and how she felt violated. I didn't care though, the lime green shirt I had received fit perfectly as I took my shirt off to put it on, cameras flashed to get a picture of the newly crowned champs rockin body. I was also about ten years old at the times so you already know I was jacked as hell. I looked up and it was actually just the flash of the fire alarm and not people taking pictures. Hey it's their loss.

So as we walked away from the store, I had my pride and my lime green shirt, and a lady pissed at me for grabbing her and hugging her after I had landed the hardest trick in the world. You could say I was a happy kid.

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