13 Items Every Girl Needs In Their Car For Summer
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If you are anything like me, then you are always on the go during summer. Whether it's hitting the beach, hanging with friends, or working, I always find myself putting thousands of miles on my car during these three months of freedom. Spending most of my time driving, these are the must-have items that I have in my car.

1. Beach bag

If you live near water, this is a must! I always have my beach bag ready in my car for those impromptu beach days. A swimsuit, towel, sunscreen/tanning oil, and sunglasses are all you need!

2. Personal items

Aunt Flow does come randomly sometimes, so it is always a good idea to bring a small makeup nag full of personal products for those times. I also put deodorant and a travel size body spray in this bag in case you need some touching up to do during the day.

3. Emergency kit

My dads always make sure that I have an emergency kit in my car. This can consist of just band-aids all the way to a full survival kit. Extra food and water is good to keep in this kit in case of accidents or becoming stranded.

4. Blankets

Having blankets in my car saved my life! If something needs to be set on my seats, it's nice to have that extra protection. Also, blankets can be used for bonfires or extra seating area at the beach!

5. Extra pair of clothes

Accidents do happen and when they do, its always nice to have an extra pair of clothes. I usually go to friends' houses after work, so having clothes I can change into after work really makes it a lot easier than going home to change. A swetshirt, shirt, shorts/leggings, socks, sports bra and underwear are what I typically keep in my car.

6. Work clothes

I usually hit up the beach or go to lunch before work, so again, it makes it easier to keep these clothes in my car.

7. Shoes

I always have a pair of flip flops in my car in case I want to change out of the shoes I am already wearing.

8. Car Charger

Again, a must! My phone always dies and so it's important to keep in on when you are driving, in case of an emergency.

9. Chapstick

I live by chapstick! I always have at least 3 tubes of it in my car.

10. Air fresheners

I love having my car smell good, so I always have extra in my glove compartment. My favorite air fresheners are the ones from Bath and Body Works because the holders are so cute!

11. Hand sanitizer

Another shameless plug for Bath and Body Works. Their hand sanitizers are the perfect size to keep in the glove compartment or to hang on my shifter/rear view mirror. Here's another link for that.

12. Gas money

I can't tell you how many times I have realized that I have no gas at the worst possible moment. I try and always have at least $20 in cash for gas for those moments. It is definitely hard to not spend that money on iced coffee, but I promise it will save your life.

13. Plastic tote

Having all this stuff in your car can seem like a lot, but putting it in the same place can keep it organized. I like to use this tote from Walmart or Target to store all of this stuff in my trunk!

By no means do you have to buy exactly what I wrote, but it just helps to keep extra stuff in your car. We spend hours in them every week, so why not treat it like an extra room? I also try and personalize my car in little ways like adding cute bumper stickers and hanging things on my mirror. Everyone deserves a cute car to drive around campus with, so have some fun!

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