The Music Industry Needs Keith Urban
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The Music Industry Needs Keith Urban

And it's not just because of his good looks

The Music Industry Needs Keith Urban

Over the course of the past few years, Keith Urban hasn’t just been taking over country music but he’s been taking over the world. Ever since his four-year stint on American Idol, Urban’s name and music has been spreading like wildfire with countless nominations, chart-topping songs, several No.1 hits and history-making albums. There are reasons why the Aussie country singer has been taking huge strides and turning heads left and right. People adore him and the music industry needs him in more ways than most think. Keith is the epitome of what an artist should be and what every artist should aspire to be. He’s a genre-breaking, humanitarian, guitar genius that does not get the credit he so deserves. Without him as the unofficial ambassador, the music industry wouldn’t be the same. Here’s why:

1. Music isn’t Music Without Passion

When people express the kind of passion that Keith has, they aren’t lying. It’s a real thing and it’s extremely evident when you see him play live or hear him talk about the process he goes through to make the best album(s) he can. The passion he has is instilled into him so deeply that it’s hard to miss. He feels every lyric he sings and when speaks, he means every word he says. Passion is what the music industry needs and Keith is the epitome of what that looks like.

2. Awarded Humanitarian

It’s true. Keith has been awarded for the humanitarian that he is. Being a man who’s been through his own struggles and having a home burn down when he was a child, Keith knows a thing or two about not having much of anything, and perhaps this is why he is the Humanitarian he is today. “We are all okay, but we lost all our belongings, which wasn’t much but it was everything we had,” he says in regards to the fire of his childhood home. “But without hesitation, our country music club immediately put on a fundraiser for us”. The thing about Keith is that most of his {charity} efforts is something we’ll never know because he really is that humble. He’s a true humanitarian from the depths of his being. The industry is far better with people like him than without. “It’s always all about community,” he says.

3. Guitar Genius

Need we say more?

4. Humble Spirit

Above all else, Keith’s humble spirit is what sets him apart. His kindness, generosity and gentle spirit is something that isn’t often seen in the music industry. You see it in the way he responds when someone compliments him and in the way he helps others whether it’s giving someone musical advice or wanting to know about their hopes and dreams. Whatever it is, Keith would much rather talk about the hopes and dreams of others rather than his talent and success. One of his many dreams is to keep music in schools and to help others play guitar, which is why he’s an ambassador for music education and has his own guitar line through HSN (Home Shopping Network). He’s not an ordinary person who does what he does for the glory and fame. No, he does it because he loves it. Praise and fame aren’t what’s important to him. It’s about helping those around him. It’s about reaching out and allowing those who are wiling to listen to live in the moment and to know that even for a moment, they aren’t alone.

5. Impacting Music City

You can’t deny the impact Keith has had on Nashville. Not only is he as progressive as they come when it comes to country music, he’s also helped out the community of Music City in more ways than most. He’s taken huge strides when it comes to sound and becoming a great influence for many when it comes to expanding boundaries in the genre. He’s also been involved in music education throughout the Nashville area as well as holding an annual fundraiser (All 4 The Hall) to help benefit the Country Music and Hall of Fame Museum, which has raised more than $2 million. His influence has flourished throughout the town, and without him, Music City wouldn’t be the same. Whether the city knows that or not is a mystery but they should realize the everlasting efforts and impact the Aussie country star has had on Music City U.S.A.

6. Rise of the Phoenix

It’s been said a lot that the superstar has been through a lot, and he doesn’t hide it. His move to Nashville wasn’t everything he had hoped it would be in the beginning. In fact, Urban had a trying period of dealing with drugs and alcohol, feeling empty and lonely off stage. “I was very insecure,” he stated in an interview with Rolling Stone. Although he had a few years of insecurity filled with addiction and emptiness, it wasn’t the end for him. After meeting actress Nicole Kidman, Keith began to rise from the ashes. Of course, nothing was perfect at first but eventually, after falling hard, going into rehab and learning life without addiction, he became dedicated to his sobriety. His story and his vulnerability while telling it is every bit inspiring, and something that he’s not afraid to talk about, in hopes that it could help someone else. It’s no wonder he has a tattoo of the mythical creature on his arm. His life, quite literally, symbolizes a phoenix.

7. Dedication to His Audience.

Whether it’s a meet and greet, a show or walking down the street, Keith will do whatever it takes to let his fans know how much he appreciates them. Every show he plays, he takes time to bring fans on stage, speak with them and makes sure to let them know that he sees them and he cares. If it’s on the streets, he stops and takes photos. If it’s a meet and greet, he listens and he asks about your story. No matter the encounter, he goes out of his way to listen to you and to let you know that he hears you. That alone is so important and isn’t seen often in the music industry.

8. Breaking Barriers

When it comes to breaking genre barriers, Keith is as progressive as they come. Should he even be tied into a genre? Probably not. Country music is lucky to have him but if he spread his wings to new heights and explored other genres, he’d be better off. In fact, he’s far better than what country music has to offer. Ever since his debut, he’s steadily expanded his boundaries and the genres by bringing outsiders into the mix including, Nile Rodgers and Pitbull just to name a few. His newest album Ripcord is probably the greatest testament for who he is as an artist and what’s to come next. He’s influenced by everything and nothing stops him from creating what’s on his heart. For him, it’s about the muse and what inspires him. No, Urban isn’t country at all. He’s just Urban, a genre we can all get used to.

9. Artist Discovery

If you know who Maren Morris and Brett Eldredge are, then you have Keith to thank for that. These two aren’t the only artists Keith has brought into the spotlight but they are artists worth noting. He’s always trying to shine a lot on new artists and making sure they get the spotlight. It’s pretty incredible that someone who’s a legend in the industry cares more for the spotlight of others than his own. Thank you Keith for sharing your love for Maren, Brett and so many others. We appreciate you.

10. American’s Judge

Did you know that Keith is the only country artist to represent country music on the American Idol judges panel? And in case you’re wondering, we also think he was one of the best. He’s helped pick out artists like Trent Harmon, Kree Harrison and JAX to name a few. He wasn’t only a judge on the show, he was also a mentor. Now, you can’t say that about many artists on singing competition shows or in the industry as whole. He’s the real deal and America is starting to realize it.

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