Going to a music festival doesn't make you cool so stop posting pictures of yourself in front of the main stage, and start going for the right reasons.

Getting There

Grab some friends and pile into your car and make a road trip out of it. The journey to a festival is always a ride of excitement, stopping new and different places along the way adds to the trip.

The Experience 

There's nothing like waking up as the sun rises in a hot mucky tent after a night of dancing until just a few hours before and living on PB&J sandwiches without showering for a few days is all apart of the experience, embrace it!

The Activities 

Most festivals offer different workshops and classes. These range from sunrise yoga to learning how to raise chickens. Try something new! You never know what you might learn.

The people 

Immediately after stepping foot onto the festival grounds you are opened up to a whole new world of people. Go with an open and accepting mind because most likely you will meet a lifelong friend who you never knew you needed so badly.

The music 

What's better than seeing one of your favorite artists? Seeing five of your favorite artists in one weekend! Go see your favorite band, DJ, rapper, or singer and leave time to explore new genres!

Most importantly, because you want to, for you

Go to festivals because you love the music and you love to have fun rain or shine. Festivals allow you to embrace your true self (or anyone you want to be) and escape reality for the weekend. Don't go for drugs or to see how out of control you can be, or for your followers to think you're something, but go to experience something beautiful.