Finals are a week later this year, but we come back to school in January at the same time as always. While we typically have four whole weeks off for Christmas break, this year we only get three. They say it is because Christmas falls later, but could this not be solved bringing us back to school a week later in January? Many surrounding colleges and universities in Mississippi still have a total of four weeks or more for their students to enjoy the Christmas and New Year holidays, and this gives them plenty of time to rest and recuperate for the next semester. How do other students feel about having a shorter break this year?

Austin: Not having the extra week during Christmas break is hard because it takes a whole week away from spending time with my family. Since I don't get to go home very often, if any at all, during the semester, I always looked forward to spending almost an entire month with my family. Now that finals are a week later, I get part of that time taken away from my family.

Gwyen Elizabeth: I wish we had 4 weeks because I'd like to have more time to be able to go visit my extended family that are spread out all over the United States. I also would like more time to recover from last semester and be more prepared for the coming semester.

Kristin: Going from 4 weeks to 3 weeks does not seem like a big deal, but when you haven't been home in months, it is a big difference. I personally do not like it.

Sarah: I wish I had more time at home, especially since I finals aren't done until nearly the middle of the month. I feel like I'm going to have no time at home.

Jessica: I am bitter about it. We have worked so hard throughout this semester. We deserve a solid month.

Andrew: I don't like it because I want to be home instead of back at school that extra week.

Amelia T: I'd rather start school earlier and get no fall break so that we can have a full week for Thanksgiving and still get the full month off for Christmas.

Alex: Sometimes home can get boring, but at home, I have a guaranteed parking place, and on campus, I don't.

Kelly: It, honestly, has pros and cons. Pros: we come back earlier to get out for the summer earlier. Cons: We have less time at home to work to save up for the spring semester and less time to spend without family and friends.

Bailey: Starting a week later than normal was nice during the summer, but now that I have one less week for Christmas break I wish it were the other way around. I think the schedule last year was better because we already have a long summer break. Taking a week away from the long summer break and adding it to the shorter winter break would make more sense.

Hannah: I would enjoy more time at home because I need more money and sleep.

Overall, Mississippi State students are not happy about it. The month of December is when we want to celebrate Christmas and have time to relax. While it may only be one week that has been taken away, with all the holiday plans that everyone has, that extra week could be extremely useful for students. Now that the Mississippi State football team has made us proud by earning a bid to the Outback Bowl, this also takes away many sports, band, spirit, marketing, and more students due to required attendances. If the extra week were there, students would have more time to relax and be more prepared for the new semester that is coming.

So, the question is, will Mississippi State have four weeks off for Christmas break next year?