The MSU Alternative: Living Downtown
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The MSU Alternative: Living Downtown

Don't blend in. Check out these 4 apartment spaces in Downtown Wichita Falls!

The MSU Alternative: Living Downtown

The Texoma air whispered kindly through my cracked car window as I exited off of Highway 44 in my pale green Mercury Sable. Earlier that day, I had tuned up my vehicle’s motor, so I was eager to get out on the road and see how she did at highway speeds. However, the giddiness that I felt as I cruised down the lane in my freshly repaired set of wheels was nothing compared to how eager I was as I pulled off the road. I flicked on my turn signal and took the ramp going down to Sixth Street. The adventure had begun.

An article the Times Record News had ran a couple days prior burned in my mind. The piece featured photographs of Wichita Falls’ own Zales Building, originally built as a bank in 1884. I read that the Zales Building was being renovated and I just had to see it for my own eyes. My historically curious, “nerdy” side overcame me as I parked my vehicle and walked around the property. How easy it was for me to imagine all the transactions that had taken place within the walls of this building - just think of all the late nights employees spent counting cash and recording figures. I pondered over all the hopes and dreams that were carried in – and perhaps crushed– within the two story building that stood proudly on the street corner over 130 years later.

But as my daydreams of the imagined past faded, I realized how wonderful it would be to live in historic downtown Wichita Falls. I had to wonder, though, “Which buildings around here actually house residents?” So, to the internet I flocked and, after a little time researching, I found some exciting spaces.

Without further delay, here are four fab spaces you should check out in downtown WF:

The Holt Hotel Apartments. 600 8th St #110

Built in 1910, this historic structure was once known as Kemp-Kell Building and operated as a home for commerce. Sixteen years later, the Classical Revival style building was sold to George Holt, who promptly converted it into hotel rooms to accommodate the many guests drawn to Wichita Falls for the oil boom. Of those guests were Eleanor Roosevelt and Helen Keller! Today, the Holt Apartments comfortably hold 41 upscale apartments that were renovated in 2005. So, although the building no longer serves as a hotel, it is still in the business of providing shelter – just more long-term.

Residents of the Holt can expect to be in the “hub” of downtown, with the iconic 8th Street Coffee House, Iron Horse Pub, The Original Casa Mañana Café, and The Yard, all within walking distance. Also, Historic Depot Square is just outside your window, so all the festivals and live music Wichita Falls puts on are conveniently placed.

With amenities like gated private parking, upscale styling, a garbage chute on each floor, ample over-sized windows that overlook downtown, a well-equipped kitchen, and an included washer and dryer unit, you can’t afford to not at least Google search this place!

Floor Plan Options: 1 – 2 Bed/1 – 2 Bath available

Square footage (smallest – largest): 773 sq ft – 1,133 sq ft

Rent: $795 – $1,090

Various floor plans are offered and each one of them I have seen is beyond cool. Rent is about what could be expected at an upscale apartment, so living here on a college budget might be tough. However, if you have the dough, go for it. If not, once you’ve graduated from college and are earning a pretty penny, the Holt deserves your attention. Plus, just like Zack and Cody, you could live the “suite” life!

Travis Crossing, 907 Travis Street #100

Do you want to live downtown but prefer your privacy? Award-winning Travis Crossing has your back. Completed in 1939 and the recipient of the 2003 Wichita County Heritage Society’s Preservation Award, this charming 11 unit complex won’t disappoint. Situated comfortably on 907 Travis St., the spacious apartment boasts aesthetic features like white accented brick on the exterior and exposed industrial beams and pillars within the rooms.

The well-designed rooms have plenty of space for hosting guests as well as whatever other activities you can think of.

Floor Plan Options: 1 Bed/1 Bath, 1 Bed/ 2 Bath, 2 Bed/ 2 Bath

Square Footage (sm – lg): 524 sq ft – 1,308 sq ft

Rent: $570 – $1,055 per month

Travis Crossing gives residents a downtown living experience without all the hustle-and-bustle. These apartments are more quiet and secluded. If you like your home spacious and more private, I’d strongly encourage you to give Travis Crossing a look.

Austin School Lofts, 1309 13th Street

Do you remember that one time you fell asleep in your grade school classroom? Well, if you live in the Austin School lofts, sleeping in class is no biggie, as you will also cook, lounge and live in the school-turned-apartment home. When I first thought of living in a school, I’ll admit I was a little “creeped out.” But after reading of this structure's preserved aspects like colorful school murals and front office spaces on the ground floor, I was won over quickly.

Complete with an artfully crafted Kitchen, beautiful hardwood floors, and the original brickwork showing on the interior, the homes here are sure to make for a comfy place to binge-watch Netflix or provide you with that one-of-a-kind place to host some of your favorite company.

Floor Plan Options: 1 Open Loft/1 Bath, 1 Bed/1 Bath, 2 Bed/1 Bath,

Square footage (smallest – largest): 750 sq ft – 1,124 sq ft

Rent: $750 – $1,055 per month

Even though the original builders in 1927 were not anticipating people would ever live at the Austin School, these recently remodeled homes offer downtown living with a unique spin.

LaSalle Crossing, 530 7th Street

LaSalle Crossing was constructed in 1923 as the Studio Hotel with the purpose of cashing in on the masses of people who dreamt of riches earned from the black, viscous fluid flowing up from the earth. The wrap-around awning and neatly carved woodwork on the ground floor blend beautifully with the accented brick that covers the three upper floors.

With awards like the Wichita County Heritage Society's Phoenix Award (2000) and proximity to the notable Depot Square Historic District, LaSalle Crossing is sure to please.

The Apartment itself encompasses 15 single bedroom units with 5 distinct layouts. Carpeted living spaces and light hardwood flooring in the kitchen set a relaxed ambiance. The kitchen has plenty of cabinet space along with a tiled island perfect for pulling some stools up to. Additionally, Time Warner Cable is provided with rent!

Also within the building is perhaps the most charming of all features in LaSalle Crossing: a 1920s-style caged elevator that is not only intact, but fully operational and well-preserved. This elevator captivates residents and guests alike as it glides up and down the Crossing’s four floors.

Floor Plan Options: 1 Bed/1 Bath, 1 Bed/1.5 Bath, 1 Bed/2 Bath

Square footage (sm – lg): 522 sq ft – 840 sq ft

Rent: $550 - $725 per month

With the most affordable price tag and arguably the prettiest architecture of the downtown apartment spaces, LaSalle Crossing holds remarkable value while being right across the street from trendy outdoor music venues like The Yard. The famous “World’s Littlest Skyscraper” is within an earshot as well. How fun! I recommend you check out LaSalle Crossing – definitely a cool space to call your own for a couple semesters!

If you found this article useful or just downright interesting, please share it. Wichita Falls is a much cooler city than most give it credit for. Also, if you choose to go in on one of these apartments, I'd consider splitting rent with you. Cheers!

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