The Most Anticipated Films of 2015
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The Most Anticipated Films of 2015

The Most Anticipated Films of 2015

The Oscars are over and now it's time to look forward to some of the blockbusters that will be making their way to theaters this year. When it comes to some of the most exciting releases, there seems to be a constant trend on what to expect this year: sequel, after sequel, after sequel. Although this year doesn't offer much originality, there are some great franchises that have a new chapter coming their way. Some are much more long-awaited than others:

"Jurassic World"

Jurassic Park and its sequels have had their share of major hits and major misses. While the original Steven Speilberg picture became a classic, "The Lost World: Jurassic Park" failed to live up to its predecessor. "Jurassic Park III" was a hit with fans, yet it's been nearly 15 years since we've had an addition to the franchise. The trailer has surely proven that we may have another hit on our hands. For the first time in the franchise, the park is open...

"Terminator: Genysis"

Let's be honest. Isn't this the whole reason we wanted Arnold Schwarzeneggar to no longer be in politics? Another Terminator film. Well, it's finally time for the Governator to go back to being the Terminator. Let's just hope the aging acting hero doesn't fall flat like the Arnold-free "Terminator" sequel.

"Spectre" (007)

The last time we saw Daniel Craig's rendition of James Bond in action, we were not disappointed. "Skyfall" proved that Mr. Bond is still a box office smash in the 21st Century. Considering the size of the budget for the upcoming "Spectre" film, it looks like Sony will be pulling out all the stops once again; especially with a storyline that goes back the original Sean Connery Bond films.

"Black Mass"

We've seen Johnny Depp in the mob-themed "Public Enemies" and "Donnie Brasco" before. This time around, we are getting another spin from Depp that looks to standout amongst the rest. This time, he'll don the role of notorious criminal Whitey Bulger in a film co-starring Benedict Cumberbatch!

"Furious 7"

It's crazy to think that the "Fast & Furious" franchise is releasing it's seventh chapter this spring. Featuring the late Paul Walker, the franchise has all its major stars together for what looks to be another epic adventure. However, the question remains: With Paul Walker gone, will this be the last "Fast & Furious" film we'll see?

"The Avengers: Age of Ultron"

"The Avengers" was one of those films that left next to no one disappointed when the credits rolled. By the looks of what's to come in "Avengers: Age of Ultron," it looks like Marvel's collective superhero franchise hasn't missed a beat. Let's hope we can say the same when it hits theaters May 1.


Disney finally created a film based on the classic section of its theme parks of the same name. A film of this nature can be a major success or a major flop. With that said, this George Clooney-led film has endless possibilities.

"The Hateful Eight"

A movie so anticipated, Quentin Tarantino nearly cancelled the project when parts of "The Hateful Eight's" script leaked online. Starring Channing Tatum, Samuel L. Jackson (of course) and Kurt Russell, this western about bounty hunters following the Civil War has the makings for another Tarantino classic.

"Mission Impossible V"

Didn't we say all we had to with the last "Mission Impossible" film? I guess not, because a fifth one is on the way this year. One thing that can be said about this franchise: not one film can be considered mediocre. Each of these adventures starring Tom Cruise have been non-stop action from start to finish.

" Star wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens"

This movie has a lot riding on it. Let's face it: The "Star Wars" prequels (Episodes I - III) were major disappointments compared to the original trilogy. George Lucas single-handedly destroyed the backstory of "Star Wars" by using green screens for nearly every second of all three prequels. Thankfully, Lucas is not a part of this project, and J.J. Abrams has returned the franchise to using physical sets for much of the film. This Christmas, we may finally get the film "Star Wars" fans have wanted since the trilogy.

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