Morning Ritual Affect Future
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Your Morning Routine Tells Me A Great Deal About Your Future

How can the little, seemingly insignificant things you do in the morning impact something as large-scale as your life's future?

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Blatantly stated, I believe that how you start your day is vital in shaping your future. This is because it sets up how you will spend the rest of your day in the afternoon and morning. Since a) your year is an accumulation of 365 days and b) your life is an accumulation of your years, it makes sense that each day would matter and that each one contributes to your life. Therefore, the small things you do every morning can hint at what comes next in a very simplistic manner. Of course, this goes to say (as a disclaimer) that there is not a direct correlation between one occurrence happening that would guarantee its continuation.

Therefore, the tell-tale signs of little rituals that will be mentioned in the article are meant to be predictions and influential to an overall result of your future. In other words, there are no absolutes that hold true here, as in the example of if you do ___, you will do ___ for the rest of your life. Here are a few examples:

A Healthy Breakfast

If you are starting your day off with a nutritious and healthy breakfast, you have made the conscious effort to do so. The process of eating healthy as a lifestyle is the accumulation of many conscious efforts and is a lifestyle that thrives off of consistency. Doing this in the morning, then, makes it a smoother and more consistent process. It makes it easier to continue eating clean and not stray away. Therefore, you probably will live a healthy lifestyle ahead of you if this is a morning ritual.

Making Your Bed

I believe that making your bed first think in the morning can induce a mentality that values hard work. This is because if you have accomplished the first task of the day (a small one, regardless), you feel a small sense of satisfaction. Because this feeling is a desirable one, one may be more inclined to complete other tasks throughout the day to regenerate this feeling of pride and satisfaction. This has been proven in many studies, as well. Therefore, this ritual may imply or foreshadow a future filled with many accomplished tasks.


Just like eating healthy and maintaining a clean lifestyle, consistency is key in exercise as well. Adept physical fitness would also require matched consistency. This is simply because of the fact that one day of working out does not significantly increase one's fitness. Many, consecutive days, on the other hand, are more likely to do so. Therefore, if you make it a routine to exercise every morning you will probably lead an active lifestyle in the future.


Something you read in the very beginning of your day can be something you constantly remember and are mindful of throughout the rest of your day. Because you can chose what material(s) you want to read, you are practicing (in life) making your own choices of what you want to think and feel. Therefore, reading something every day in the morning (whether its a quote, article, or book) allows you to be more in control of your own life. What I mean is that your future will probably be what you shape it to be and can potentially be more malleable. That is because a lot of your life is based on what you think.

To put this into perspective, let's take an example. If you read a quote in the morning that reminds you to be grateful for the simple things you have, you will probably think about this more consciously. If you feel that you are maybe lacking in one area/aspect of your life, such as how to style outfits well, you can read an article about it or write your own tips about it to simply just be mindful of them, which would make them more easily applicable to your own daily life. It would lessen its existence as a "mere mental construct" of a goal and instead make it a more solidified, real goal.

Human Interaction

A more appreciative and social future is in order if one of the first things you have to do in the day is greet people, whether it be your family, guardians, neighbors, colleagues, or anyone. If this is something you do every morning, you will probably be more appreciative in the future to the people you see every morning. You can potentially "thrive off of" human interaction and communication this way. It can be a much larger part of your future. Also, you can establish rapport and skills that would lead to a more social future, as it will become something you are more used to.

These are simply just a few examples that show how small --but consistent-- morning rituals can dictate a great deal of one's future. I believe that if you personally want something for your future or feel that you want to reach a certain goal, you should accept its potential gradual characteristic as a necessity (in the case of long-term goals) for accomplishing it. You can do so by establishing small but integral parts into every morning.

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