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Mood Swings During PMS Are Worse Than They Seem

Period symptoms aren't just about chocolate cravings and cramps, but also about the crazy, roller coaster mood swings you feel.

Mood Swings During PMS Are Worse Than They Seem

When someone hears the words "PMS" or "mood swings," I don't believe that the true accuracy of what these two things both entail is what typically comes to someone's mind. When I see memes that try to depict true period symptoms, for example, I typically get the standard image of a 20-something woman indulging in chocolate ice cream as she profusely sobs while watching a show like, "The Bachelor." And hey, I'm not saying that this image is totally wrong all of the time, but it can be a little misleading, and I certainly think that it undermines the experiences many women have while dealing with PMS.

The stereotype of the the "hysterical woman" has prevailed in our society for many centuries, and PMS as well as other period symptoms are unfortunately no exception. We see this often in our society, particularly in entertainment. A man and a woman are arguing in some comedy sitcom, and he jokingly asks her if she's, "on the rag." These stereotypes have emerged into the everyday conversations we have about PMS, underestimating what women actually go through during that time of the month.

In my own experience, I find it to be even worse when I'm not keeping close track of my period. In that instance, PMS just kind of sneaks up on me. All of a sudden, I begin to become very irritable, which is unusual because I am fairly optimistic most of the time. Everything, from the smallest inconvenience, becomes unbearably frustrating, and when I don't recognize that my period is right around the corner, it becomes difficult to determine the appropriate coping mechanisms I should be taking.

In fact, not only do I become irritable, but I begin to exhibit symptoms comparable to anxiety and depression. Nothing feels as it will go right, and my sense of optimism disappears entirely. I also begin to feel extremely lonely. My inbox might be filled to the brim with friends to talk to, but I'll still feel very much alone. I begin to grow paranoid about various aspects of my life- school, relationships, and so forth, as if they might fall apart at any given moment. It truly feels as though everyone is out to get me.

But then, of course, 3 days later, I get my period and a light dawns on me, and I remember why I've been acting what someone else deems to be "crazy" or "irrational." By this point, of course, I even begin to feel crazy and irrational. But the truth is that I'm not because so many other women experience these same emotions and ups and downs as a symptom during their period.

Chocolate doesn't help. Binging Netflix doesn't help. And no, not even the life-saving powers of Midol can help. What I need during this time is compassion and understanding. Isn't that what all women want during this time of the month?

PMS is a perfectly normal phenomena that the majority of women experience while on their period, and I think it's high time that we get rid of the stigmas that surround it.

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