Missoula 101: 8 Things Missoulians Need

Missoula 101: 8 Things Missoulians Need

The basic items Missoulians love to have.

Missoula, Montana is a beautiful town filled with fun, adventurous people. WIth mountains surrounding us on each side and the Clark Fork river running through the town Missoulians are constantly on the go. We're adventurous and daring, not caring what anyone thinks of us (for the most part this is a judgement-free town). If you want to become a basic Missoulian (the rest of Montana calls us hippies), then here's a list of what you need.

1. A Patagonia hat, and everything else Patagonia while you're at it

All basic Missoulians wear Patagonia hats; baseball caps in the summer and beanies in the winter. Commonly called patagucci, it's a staple brand for the community.

2. Chacos (with or without socks, no one will judge you here)

You will see them everywhere in the summer and, believe it or not, in the winter too. Sacos (socks and Chacos) are a Missoulians go-to once the snow starts to fall. We also tend to pride ourselves on how good our Chaco tan gets in the summer, and wont forget to post it all over social media to remind you.

3. Birkenstocks (with socks is also acceptable)

For those who don't like Chacos, there's always Birkenstocks (or you can have both). More common in the fall than any other season, they are comfortable fit for anyone and everyone.

4. Kavu rope sling bag

With Missoula being such a bike friendly town, purses aren't always an option. The perfect solution to this is a Kavu rope sling bag. They are more popular than you would think.

5. Lots of vintage flannels

An important go to item for the citizens of Missoula are their vintage style flannels. They will keep you warm in the winters and are a nice waist accessory in the summers.

6. Nalgene water bottle covered with stickers

Since we're a whole bunch of environmental "hippies", reusable water bottles are a top priority. Now, it's almost embarrassing to have a Nalgene water bottle that's "naked" in this town. If you want to fit in, make sure to completely cover your bottle before entering Missoula County.

7. Thick headbands

If you're a girl, make sure you have some thick headbands (found at Eddie Bauer or Trail Head). There will be times when you have unwashed, greasy hair and will want to have a headband to hold it back. In Missoula, showering daily isn't necessary, so expect to need a headband or two.

8. Griz gear

Game day or not, Griz gear should always be a huge section of your belongings. Its important to have blankets, shirts, flags, and everything else. Now, if you ever think about wearing Bobcat gear... forget the past 7 points and leave Missoula.

Cover Image Credit: Jonbilous.com

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72 Thoughts You Have On Your First Plane Ride

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19. Found it.

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28. And I need gummy worms. Just in case.

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33. Where's my gate?

34. Okay, do I have everything?

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36. I found my gate!

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49. Planes taking off feel like rollercoasters.

50. Okay, but why is this plane so loud?

51. Maybe if I play some music I can get some sleep.

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57. These seats are not comfortable.

58. Okay, just try sleeping again.

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62. Time to refasten my seat belt!

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67. Taking off is better than landing.

68. Okay, now I can stand. Where's my luggage?

69. Why can no one make their way toward the exit? Let's move people!

70. Okay, leaving the plane now.

71. That wasn't too bad.

72. I'd still rather not do it again.

Cover Image Credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9sCsfoyN8o

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