I Was On A Mission For A Mission, But God Had Other Plans
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I Was On A Mission For A Mission, But God Had Other Plans

God's perfect plans over our lives are indeed perfect.

I Was On A Mission For A Mission, But God Had Other Plans
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Somehow I built up the courage to apply for a Summer Mission with my campus ministry. I consider myself a strong believer, but I had always been wary about missions. I wasn’t sure if I was capable of telling strangers about Jesus or building relationships with others across the globe. However, one of my ministry staff members helped me gain the confidence to just go for it, so I did!

I applied for a mission to San Diego to connect with high schoolers about Christ. We were going to lead Bible Studies and go on excursions and all kinds of fun things centered around teaching the Gospel. I sent dozens and dozens of letters to my church family and close friends and relatives to raise support in time. Unfortunately, two weeks before the trip was suppose to kick off, I received a call that it had been canceled due to too many people dropping the trip last minute for various reasons.

My heart dropped. Of course I had experienced anxiety and worry about going clear across the country with zero people I knew and spending six weeks there. However, I had also experienced excitement and eagerness to build relationships with these high schoolers. I was disappointed that the trip didn’t work out. Fortunately, I have an amazing Father who taught me so much in the time I spent applying and preparing for the trip that wasn’t meant to be.

God changed my heart in such a short amount of time. I went from being wary and scared to share the Gospel with strangers to wanting, really wanting, to build relationships centered around Christ and being a part of those peoples' growth with God. One day I noticed that I had the strongest urge to share with someone how knowing Christ has impacted my life and how they can make Jesus their best friend too. Suddenly, I wanted this so badly. How?! Through this process, I have realized how greatly God can change someone's heart in just a matter of weeks. How great is Our God?!

God also opened my eyes to what support really means. I was really uncomfortable about sending letters to people where I basically asking for money. I could have taken care of the trip myself, but a person on staff told me our ministry raises support this way so others can have an opportunity to impact the growth of God’s Kingdom. I’ve never thought about raising support like that. Most people have children or full-time jobs or other commitments and they may not be at a stage in their life where they can physically spread the Gospel on a global level. However, they can have the chance to spread the name of Jesus through prayer and support. That’s pretty cool. This definitely made me see support in a whole new light. Now, I want to help others with their missions endeavors too! I want to play a part in God's Kingdom in any way I can. How great is Our God?!

God also showed me what an amazing community in Christ I have. I sent letters to a bunch of people and wowowow- I was so incredibly humbled by the amount of letters and checks and kind words of encouragement I received in return. I really didn’t expect much support, but Our God really does provide. Even though He knew that the trip would ultimately not work out, He still answered my prayers for support. He showed me that there is so much importance in depending on your brothers and sisters in Christ and that it’s totally okay to do so. He also used those people to exemplify what a good steward of Christ looks like. I’ve heard the word “steward” thrown around so many times in sermons and Bible studies and devotions, but I’ve never really thought about what it means. My community in Christ that I have is the perfect example of what it means. It’s hard to put into words, but the best way to explain it is that they are so willing to give whatever God’s Kingdom needs to grow and are excited about it. Each and every one of their checks, encouraging letters, and prayers has inspired me to work on being a good steward. I love every single person on my support list and cannot thank them enough for their dedication to spreading the Good News. (Literally in tears writing this.) How great is Our God?!

God has taught me so much more than what’s written in this article, but the last thing I want to discuss is how He is teaching me to trust. Trusting in God’s perfect plan has always been an issue for me. I’m headstrong and determined to do things my own way, but EVERY TIME (still hasn’t failed yet) God’s plans are completely different. I was anxious and worried probably about 50% of this mission process, but as time went on, I more often felt the urge to pray when these feelings arose. So, whenever I would feel overwhelmed with the logistics of the trip or the upcoming sharing of the Gospel or anything else, I found that time spent alone with God completely calmed my nerves. For the past 21 and a half years, I’ve been frustrated with my inability to completely trust in Him. However, He changed my heart so much more greatly in a matter of weeks. How great is Our God?!

Although I won’t be able to help expand God’s Kingdom geographically, the time I spent preparing for my mission was in no way a waste. God used this time to open my heart and mold my Spirit Man and I cannot be happier with His ways. I am absolutely positive He has a perfect plan for me to serve here in Augusta this summer. Whether it be through a job (fingers crossed) or through hanging out with friends or even through writing for The Odyssey, I am going to let Him use me for His Will.

How great is Our God.

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