5 Things You Don’t Realize You’ll Miss About Home
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5 Things You Don’t Realize You’ll Miss About Home

Five things you'll unexpectedly find yourself missing terribly.

5 Things You Don’t Realize You’ll Miss About Home
Ellen Gallagher

Going away to college forces you to make some major adjustments. Some are easier than others, and some seem next to impossible. All in all, these changes force us to grow up and learn responsibility on our own, so we are thankful for them even though it might take some getting used to.

1. Quality time with your family.  

This one is pretty obvious even while you're still home, but the extent of it is insane. When I lived at home, I would go out with my friends every night and hardly spend any time at home. Now, when I visit, I never want to leave the house, all I want to do is hang out with my family. There's just something about being home and knowing everyone is there, even if your family is all home but in separate rooms.

2. Having your parents around when you’re sick.

The worst thing about being on your own, is being on your own when you're sick. Even if you think that having your parents around when you're sick at home doesn't change anything, wait until you're sick away at college and don't have your mom or dad to come sit with you or bring you soup.

3. The restaurants that only exist in your hometown.

This is something that never even crossed my mind before I left for school. Obviously, we have some of my favorites here, like Chipotle and Panera. But, being from Northern Virginia, Glory Days and Cava have become part of my weekly (or maybe daily) diet, and they don't exist anywhere in Delaware. I find myself hardcore craving some wings from Glory Days all the time, so when I go home I make sure to go as often as possible to get my fix.

4. Going downstairs to a full food closet that is full of things you and your family love.

Sure, we have dining halls with what seem to be unlimited delicious meals every single day. And sure, we have restaurants on Main Street and grocery stores. But there is nothing like just walking downstairs and knowing your favorite meals and snacks will be readily available. Not to mention we're all on a budget here in college, so even when we go to the grocery store, we can't cover everything we're used to.

5. Sleeping in your own bed.

This one is also pretty obvious, but I never realized how good of sleep I can get at home compared to here at school. I do sometimes think my bed at school is more comfortable, because of all of my mattress pads and fuzzy pillows, and the fact that I have a full here and a twin at home, but there still is no sleep like sleep at home in your own bed.

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