What It's Like Being A 'Minimalist' In College
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Student Life

What It's Like Being A 'Minimalist' In College

Living at college with only what brings me joy in tow.

What It's Like Being A 'Minimalist' In College
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For the past year or so, I've been grappling with the decision to become a minimalist. It's a difficult thing to try to do regardless of your lifestyle, but as the girl who has terrified two roommates with the sheer amount of stuff I can bring into one tiny room, it was almost laughable to imagine. I'm a sentimental romantic with a penchant for saving mementos for every event, big or small, and I love collecting little pieces. Also, being a sorority woman, I'm almost required to have a wardrobe the size of a department store.

About halfway through the fall semester of last year, I realized I needed to make a change in my lifestyle. When I realized how little of the "stuff" I had shoved into my room I actually used on a regular basis, I began to feel crowded and overwhelmed.

I started my journey by removing all of my clothing from my closet and drawers at school to bring home for break. I sorted through all of it, picked out the basics I needed and chose a few of my favorite pieces to add color and texture. I brought my closet down to 35 items, not including my sleep shirts, workout clothing, and undergarments. I donated the rest to Goodwill and in the end managed to pack to go back to school in one large duffel bag.

The freedom of owning less has been so freeing, it has led me to simplify other parts of my life.

Upon getting home from break I sorted my whole room, and cleaned out every drawer, finding that I had too much of almost anything. For example, I had two makeup bags, one with the products I actually use and another with the products I never used. I love buying and trying new makeup, but after throwing away one too many strange lipstick colors I decided it was time to limit my spending and give away certain products that weren't for me.

I plan to clean out my room at home before summer starts so that I can be stress-free during that break. I've been able to prioritize which mementos are important and keep them safe, and I've made a system for the things I don't need, but I know there are more at home to sort through.

I would not call myself a true minimalist yet, and I'm not sure if I'll ever reach the level of those who can fit all of their possessions in one bag; I'm still a hopeless romantic, I love collections and soft, pretty things too much to clear out all of my comforts. I almost see my style as more of a hygge/KonMari style of minimalism. I want to keep what brings me joy, but I also want to make it easy for my parents and future roommates when I officially move away from home.

It's all about balance!

I want to challenge anyone who reads this to try to clean out their closet a little bit, be it just throwing away holey t-shirts and jeans or be it fully trying a capsule wardrobe. Find what fits your personal style and run with it, and you'll be surprised when you see clutter in other parts of your life.

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