7 Favorite Mexican Dishes For The Holidays
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7 Favorite Mexican Dishes For The Holidays

Are you really Mexican if you don't end up eating any of these dishes during posada season?

Bud Ellison

I'm sorry (sorry, not sorry) but it's fact that the holiday season starts after Halloween and Dia de Muertos. With Christmas decorations at every corner and Mariah Carey blaring at all the malls, it's so easy to get into it. The best part about it though? The food. Especially Mexican food. Just this past Thanksgiving, instead of turkey being the star of the meal, it was the tamales-- which goes to show you how good they were and how much Mexican culture revolves (even worships!) tamales.

As winter break is coming even closer and the semester winding down, and can really say that all the food that I'm going to be making and eating during this holiday season is all I am able to think about. Also thinking about all the pounds that I will be gaining then, but you know for this I'm willing to make the sacrifice.

Below are my top 7 Mexican dishes that without them, Christmas would be nonexistent. (In no particular order).


Okay, I know I said there wasn't an order to these, but how could you not rank Tamales as number 1. If I could only eat one meal for the rest of my life, it would be tamales hands down. There are so many variations to the filling that it's almost impossible to get tired of them. One tip though, don't buy the rip off grocery store tamales (ahem, Trader Joes), at least if you're going to buy them instead of making them (which they aren't necessarily hard to make, they just require alot of time), get them locally and homemade.


Another favorite and honestly deserves the #2 rank. It's just so homey and warm and just brings so many good memories (including going back 3-4 times for more). And with some cabbage, pickled onions, radishes, homemade salsa (not just any salsa though!) and cumin being some of the sides that you add to it, as well as eating it with a tostada, ugh like you've got to seriously have bad taste to hate this.

Arroz con Leche 

Rice and a variety of milks. So simple yet so delishes. Also known as rice pudding, but calling it that doesn't do it justice (because really, "rice pudding" not as nice sounding).

Abuelita Hot Chocolate 

Another easy and simple dish but extremely decadent. Eat it with Pan Dulce or bolillo and you're in heaven. Especially nice on a cold winter evening when you don't even want to think about stepping outside.

Pan Dulce 

Another classic (like most of the ones on here)! Pan dulce is not just for the holidays though, but extremely popular whenever and wherever, especially if you have people over.


Okay, not necessarily my favorite, but I would get disowned if I did not mention this. Depending on how you make it, it could either be really delicious or okay. But don't confuse it with hot chocolate though. The big difference between the two is the flour that goes into champurrado, giving it that thick texture that pairs extremely well with tamales.


This is a popular dish in not only Mexico but a variety of Hispanic countries. These are usually made and eaten on Christmas eve (honestly a bigger event than Christmas day for most Hispanics) and are topped with sugar-- simple cane sugar sprinkled on top or a syrupy form of it that forms a glaze on top of the crunchy dessert.

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