Okay, maybe not actually, but it can be good in a pinch. Or whenever you feel like it.

Memes and gifs have taken over in our world of texting for the millennial generation, so here are some of the best ones to use, appropriate for any situation in which you see fit. :)

1. For that one obnoxious person who won't stop correcting you

2. Anytime anything relatively bad happens to you

3. When someone makes you laugh just a little too hard

4. When you've been working just a little bit too hard lately or feel yourself going crazy.

5. And sometimes when life just gets to be too much.

6. Or when someone makes you slightly uncomfortable or gives you an answer you weren't expecting.

7. Sometimes your friend could fire a meme or gif back at you, so you gotta be ready with something.

8. When you got a friend going on and on about something you support

9. Or someone wants to fight you, or challenge you, or doubts you can't do something and you want to prove your point.

10. When haters gonna hate... or you just can't deal with people anymore.

11. Especially when you know your squads doin' something that just isn't going to end well...

Ultimately, there's a meme or gif for everything (my personal fave being Chrisley Knows Best), especially on GIPHY.com. So go on out there and find some #dankmemes that will quickly become your go-to in any situation.