5 Celebrities I Expect To See On The Masked Singer
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5 Celebrities I Expect To See On The Masked Singer

"I know exactly who this is." - Ken Jeong

5 Celebrities I Expect To See On The Masked Singer
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Tonight was the season three finale of The Masked Singer, and after watching all three seasons within the span of a few weeks, I've picked up on some celebrity archetypes that are seen on every season. Here are five guesses on who will be on the next season(s) of the show based on these archetypes.

1. Kevin Jonas

He's the definition of the forgotten boy band member that the panel always uses as the basis for guesses, and he's always been my favorite Jo Bro. I'd love to see him prove that he's just as talented as his brothers.

2. John Mulaney

There is always a comedian on the show, and while John Mulaney isn't a singer, he definitely has the personality where he would find it hilarious to dress up and pretend like he can sing.

3. Lauren Jauregui

The panel always guesses that the female singers are members of girl groups who are trying to go solo, and Lauren from Fifth Harmony would perfectly fit that role on the next season.

4. Jordan Mailata

There's always an athlete that the panel is surprised to find out can sing, and Jordan Mailata, an offensive tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles, went viral a few years ago with a video of him singing and playing the guitar in the locker room. He's also injured, which will give him time to do the show.

5. Anita Baker

There's always an iconic, legendary female vocalist, and the panel has guessed Anita Baker every season.

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