It's football season — but for some of us...that means it's marching band season! As wonderful as football games are, sometimes the heat can become a little hard for the marching band to handle in our uniforms. But we always stick it out through the weather, rain or shine.

So when the weather report says that the weather is great for a football game, the marching band feels a little differently than most fans in the football stadium.

"It's perfect weather for today's football game!"

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Until you step outside and realize it's perfect weather for people who don't have to wear jackets and bibbers (aka marching band pants).

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In denial of the inevitable, you put on your jacket and bibbers. In full knowledge that something bad is coming.

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You take the first step outside...and it's worse than you imagined. The sweating has already begun.

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All throughout warm-up, you can't focus because the sun is making you sweat buckets — before you even start marching.

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When you start marching, the ladies can feel it happening. The worst part...we can't do anything about it when on the field.

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The sweat won't stop running into your eyes on the field. Good luck finding your dot through all that sweat.

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Taking your shako off — knowing your hair is sweaty and frizzy.

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Taking your jacket off feels like freedom — sweet freedom.

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When someone not in band asks you how you're doing.

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Coming home and realizing just how exhausted you really are.

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Regardless of the weather, the marching band never fails to show up, play our hearts out, and support our teams.