I Will Ever Loyal Be To The Red And Blue
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Student Life

I Will Ever Loyal Be To The Red And Blue

Louisiana Tech, I love thee.

I Will Ever Loyal Be To The Red And Blue
Bryleigh Smith

College can be hard, but picking a college to reside at for four years can be even harder. When I was choosing a college a few years ago, I never expected it to be such a challenging choice. I knew it wouldn't be easy, but I did not expect to spend months on months rolling over the idea of which college I should attend. However, I finally chose this tier 1 school, Louisiana Tech University, and I knew that I had made a great, life-changing decision. I originally chose Tech because my sister was here, it was affordable, offered great scholarships, was close to home, and contained my major. When I got here, however, I found so many other wonderful reasons to stay.

1. The Quarter system is a better system

The quarter system splits the year into a fall, winter, spring, and summer quarter. While classes are fast-moving and challenging, you cannot ask for a better academic system. With a max of 12 hours, you have time to truly focus and absorb each of your class materials. Plus, there are only 10 weeks per quarter and then you get to take a break -- what could be better?

2. We have President Guice

Dr. Les Guice is one of the most encouraging and involved university presidents I have ever seen (not that I am biased). As a Louisiana Tech alumnus, Dr. Guice has proven to be a loyal and consistent presence on Tech's campus for years and has made wonderful leaps towards the future. Dr. Guice is constantly meeting, assisting, and serving the students, faculty, and staff of this prestige university and clearly has a heart for people. You could not ask for a better leader.

3. Perfection in population size

Louisiana Tech has over 12,000 students enrolled (as of fall 2015) and while we do have limited parking and seats in class, the university has just the right amount of people. I love that the campus is big enough to have multiple class and club options, but I also love that my class sizes are not too big so I always see a friendly face or two. The largest class I have attended was a class of 100 students, and I have had classes that were as small as 17 seats. With smaller classes, you get to know your classmates and professors on a deeper level while also learning the material fully.

4. Opportunities on opportunities

Louisiana Tech University offers multiple academic, religious, social, and service clubs/organizations. From SGA, Union Board, Greek life, honors societies, ministries, and intramurals, you can not possibly get bored at this school. There is also plenty of room to grow and move up in leadership roles. These leadership roles can help you understand your personality and your work ethic in and out of your career. Plus, with most clubs having GPA requirements, you can be held accountable for studying and attending class, so you will not have to worry about your grades slipping.

5. Ruston, Louisiana

Ruston is a great small college town with wonderful locally owned shops and restaurants. This peachy town loves their Bulldogs and they are always happy to attend and support sporting, social, and academic events. Ruston also offers plenty of college jobs and affordable housing for Tech students so the basic necessities can be covered. It is also very rare that you don't see a happy face.

6. It is all about the academics

Obviously, you want to go to college to learn, and trust me, Louisiana Tech has a great academic system full of wonderful advisers and professors in every college and building who are here to help you (trust me. I have changed my major a few times). I have made so many heart-warming connections with my teachers and advisers who just want what they think is best for me. Office hours are always provided, and they are happy to discuss career paths with you at any given time. I also love my classes and the course material (even if it doesn't apply to my concentration). I have taken classes in family child studies, biology, psychology, English, and so much more and I am (almost) always interested and intrigued. I love seeing the heart and passion that some of the teachers have for a subject or course material and I (almost) always feel inspired.

7. We are family; I got all my Bulldogs with me

One of the best parts of Louisiana Tech is the overwhelming support this university offers. I am always so amazed by this community of Bulldogs who are always here to talk, pray, and study with me. I know that I will always see a friendly face in class, Tolliver, or just walking in the quad. Louisiana Tech is more than just a body of students; it is one giant family. I know I could not have made a better choice in college and I love living in bulldog country. Through the academics, Tech traditions, sports outings, and social events, I have truly found a home in Ruston, Louisiana and know that no matter what "I will ever loyal be, to thee, my Alma Mater."

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