I Love My Boyfriend And I Love My Girls, But Something Has To Give

I am just like every other girl in a committed relationship, I love my boyfriend. But, I also love my girls.

Sometimes, we as girls, especially in college, have a hard time balancing our love life with our social life. We have a tendency to get caught up with our relationships, especially if they're fairly new. And that's where tension in between your friendships starts to build.

Yeah, a new relationship is exciting and all, but it's important to not let that get in the way of your friendships.

Having your girlfriends around is just as important as having your boyfriend around. Maybe even more important. You don't want your friends thinking that you don't care about them anymore or that you think hanging out with them isn't a priority to you anymore. You need to always remind them that you still love them.

Same thing with your boyfriend.

You start hanging out with your girls more often again and he begins to feel as is he is not a priority to you anymore. You do everything you can to balance both relationships out because both are very important. At some point, you feel like you can't win anymore and you just throw your hands up. Something's gotta give! When you come to this point, that's when you need to sit down with both parties and let them know what's up.

Let your girls know that you still love them and that your friendships aren't going anywhere.

But they need to understand that keeping your love life and relationship happy and healthy, you also need time to spend with your man. They'll understand that he's just as important to you as they are to you. Let them know that they will still get your time and see you, it just may not be every day or as often as it used to.

And when it comes to your man, sit him down too and make sure you get your message across, some men out there are a little hard-headed. Let him know that you love him and that you would do anything for him, but that it's important for you to have time with your girls. Because having a healthy dose of girl time is always needed and will help keep you sane.

When you feel like something has to give, make sure you find your perfect balance. It won't always be easy and sometimes you might find yourself giving more of your time to one party than the other, just always remember your balance. Find plans and schedules that work for you.

Don't lose sight of the relationships that mean the most to you by losing your balance.

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