I have a love-hate relationship with showers. I hate them up until the point of when I get in the shower, then I love it and don't want to get out. It's so annoying. You'd be surprised by how many times I've thought about how many showers are yet to come in my life. It's a weird thing to dwell on, but I can't help it. I mean, after a long day, all I want is to shower and crawl into bed.

Showers are just a weird thing that everyone has to do. So, here's 30 thoughts we've all had when we are in the process of showering.

1. “I really don’t want to shower.”

2. “I would rather do anything than shower.”

3. “I feel so exposed when I’m naked.”

4. “Oh, I need to do laundry.”

5. “I should get a haircut.”

6. “Or a bikini wax.”

7. “Both would be even better.”

8. “Can’t the water warm up any faster?”

9. “I’m so impatient.”

10. “While I wait, I’m gonna get a playlist going.”

11. “Yeah, I can jam to this.”

12. “The water feels amazing.”

13. “OK, this isn’t too bad.”

14. “Oh, hell. Shampoo in my eyes.”

15. “Ugh, I hate this song.”

16. “This actually sucks.”

17. “I should shave my legs.”

18. “Eh, I’ll just wear pants tomorrow.”

19. “Shaving is future Me’s problem.”

20. “Of course, I’m out of soap.”

21. “I guess shampoo will work for body wash.”

22. “I should try conditioning my hair before shampooing.”

23. “I always say that, though.”

24. “Maybe one of these days I’ll actually do it."

25. *screams song lyrics*

26. “I’ve been in here too long.”

27. “I’m getting all prune-y.”

28. “I forgot to grab my towel? Just great.”

29. “Another successful shower, I guess.”

30. “Great, I have to go through this again tomorrow.”