Long hair is something I'd reckon most women (though, certainly some men as well) have had at some point in their life or another. Perhaps it just came upon you, perhaps it was a deliberate choice, perhaps your parents made weird rules regarding whether or not you could cut your hair. Whether you're thinking about letting your hair grow out or chopping it all off, here are some things you've got to look forward to, for better or for worse.

1. Feeling Glamorous :) 

A much younger, much more embarrassing me used to feel like a princess or an elf (depending on whatever phase I was going through) all because of my hair.

2. Dealing with Tangles :( 

While I can't speak from experience, I know plenty of people have extremely tender heads, so much so that running a brush through knotted hair is a truly painful experience.

3. Endless Selection of Styles :) 

Having long hair grants you the ability to go all out with braids, curls, up-dos, and messy buns. The world is your oyster and you're any stylists' big, blank canvas.

4. Having to learn how to style your hair :( 

If you're like me, then you're not exactly talented when it comes to styling your own hair. Watching YouTube demonstrations can be fun, but deep down you know that it'd be a lot of work for you to create something even SLIGHTLY good.

5. Enjoying the relaxing feeling of washing and conditioning your hair :) 

There's something therapeutic about feeling the shampoo and conditioner in your hair, styling it into a bubbly mess, and eventually watching the suds flee down your hair and towards the drain.

6. Knowing that you're using more shampoo than normal :( 

There's no getting around the fact that more hair means having to use more shampoo and conditioner, meaning that you're going to have to run to the store a little more frequently than our short-haired counterparts.

7. Feeling the wind dance through your hair :) 

As a child I loved resting my head on the window as my dad sped down the highway, it was soothing, exciting, and made me feel as though I were flying.

8. Having an open car window ruin your hair :( 

As you grow up though, and put a lot of work into getting your hair to lay just-so and look just right, your biggest nightmare will be the terror that is an open window that'll cause your hair to manically fly around your head.

9. Doing fun, albeit silly, things with your hair :) 

From making beards, mustaches, and even eyebrows, your hair can be used as a tool to show off your silly side.

10. Your hair will scare you :( 

I can't be the only one to feel that familiar, horrifying feeling of what must be a spider web, or worse, a bug, crawling on your arm just to discover it was really just a traitorous strand of hair.

11. That OCD-relieving feeling of removing loose hair from your hairbrush :) 

There's just something wonderful about cleaning your hairbrush.

12. Shedding :( 

There's no way around it, and there isn't much you can do to stop it. Having long hair means that you will shed, and when you shed it will feel like you're balding. If you have thick hair like me you'll ask yourself where it all comes from.

Now, as much as I, and hopefully you, enjoy having long hair, beauty is something that is different to everyone. I haven't had short hair in a very long time, but it's not without its benefits as well. The best part about hair is that it's one of the first things other people notice about us. It's a great opportunity to express yourself, and declare to the world, who you are.