Is Long-Distance Worth it in College?
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Is Long-Distance Worth it in College?

Summer is upon us and you and your boo must part ways. Do you continue the relationship and try long distance or do you give up?

Is Long-Distance Worth it in College?

Finals are finished, the stress is gone, and it is now summertime.

Sweet, sweet summertime. It's also time to go back to your hometown and leave your boo. If you're currently in a relationship and have to part ways for the summer, do you continue to work things out long distance, or let go of the relationship? Having been in a previous long distance relationship for two years, I want to offer the real truth about long distance for those who are wondering.

Obviously, long distance relationships are HARD. Especially in college. It is important to have a serious talk with your partner, and weigh out the pros and cons. How far apart will you be? Plane rides or road trips? How many times a month do you want to plan to see each other? Do you both trust one another?

I do not think long distance is impossible for two college students. If you care about someone enough, you will make it work no matter what. My advice is, if you have the slightest amount of doubt, maybe long distance wouldn't be the best thing for you and your significant other.

You must prepare for lonely days and only communicating through cell phones. FaceTime will be your best friend. Send each other care packages, or things that remind you of them. It's important to let your person know that you're still there and that you still care for them. You'll also have to get used to doing things alone. Find a new hobby and make some new friends. It is crucial to get comfortable being by yourself, because you can no longer call your partner and do every single thing with them.

Something that always helped me was scheduling days to see each other. We would mark them in our calendars and count down. Technology is so advanced today, long distance relationships are way easier than they've ever been. My boyfriend and I would schedule "FaceTime dates", which were specific times we would free up for each other to talk. We'd also watch movies together on Netflix! We'd find a movie to watch, start the movie at the same time, and text each other about the movie while watching it.

I'm the type of person who sees things in black and white, however. I think that if the connection is strong enough and two people care about each other enough, long distance shouldn't be an issue. We're adults now, and if you cannot consistently communicate with someone and manage to make time for them, then maybe you are not ready for a long distance relationship. Long distance requires maturity, patience, and good time management. Don't listen to the nay-sayers that tell you it isn't possible. Anything is possible for two people that love and care for each other.

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