7 Things All Sorority Sisters Understand After They've Moved Into Their House
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7 Things All Sorority Sisters Understand After They've Moved Into Their House

Things can get weird when you live with your sisters.

7 Things All Sorority Sisters Understand After They've Moved Into Their House
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Moving back into my sorority house for the semester, it struck me that I was going to have to get used to the quirks of living with 50 of my sisters. Don't get me wrong; there's nothing more empowering than sharing a space with a bunch of powerful women with sharable closets, an endless stream of support and advice, and TONS of life hacks, but there are some things that take a bit of getting used to. Before you sign a housing contract, there are a few quirks of living in a house you should know about.

1. You get tired of each other.

Obvious, but true. Seeing the same people day in and day out can get tiresome after a few weeks, and sometimes, you're going to need a break or five.

2. Your things go missing

Especially when you lend them out, and especially clothes. It's not uncommon to have group searches or to see "have you seen..." messages in the GroupMe. Sometimes, things get passed around from person to person so many times it gets back to the original person weeks later! Clothes are the biggest example; I still have a sister's dress hanging in my closet from a date party last semester, and she has been in my room every day since the semester began! Another sister just brought my favorite blanket back to me after two months of having it. Even my own big has kept some of my things I've let her borrow since I moved in!

3. Sickness spreads like, well, the plague.

Close quarters, long days and all that sharing mean sickness is often shared too. It's a gross side effect and one that can't always be avoided just by staying clean. Be ready with the EmergenC as soon as the sneezing begins.

4. Fights are felt by the whole chapter.

See #1. Sisters are meant to always be there for one another, but sometimes even the closest of friends can be ready for a break. One room fighting can bring the mood of the whole house down, and while they usually don't last long, it's one of the downsides of living with friends.

5. People can be weird (but in a good way).

Being sisters means we can show each other our true selves. It's not uncommon to walk into a common room and end up in the middle of an odd (to any outsider) conversation. What's even weirder? You'll probably be ready with your take on the topic! The little "weird" things bring the house girls closer and make for great memories down the road.

6. Sharing a fridge is less than ideal.

In my house, all of us share two fridges for all of our leftovers and groceries. After a long weekend, they can get stuffed to the brim with pizza boxes and takeout, resulting in spills and misplaced food.

7. It really is living with your best friends!

Yes, not everyone gets along all the time, and there are times the stress gets the best of us, but in the end, a sister is a sister and a sister is a friend.

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