An Open Letter To My Not-So-Little Brother

To My Not-So-Little Brother, It Feels Like Yesterday We Were Just Toddlers

Congratulations—I'm so proud of you.

Photo by Stephanie Siler

Hi little brother!

This week marks your prom and high school graduation; isn't that crazy? It feels like yesterday we were just toddlers driving around our little electric convertible.

We weren't always the nicest to each other, but things were so much simpler. You were my main competitor and constant companion rolled into one. It's so hard to believe that you aren't the tiny little kid running around constantly anymore. Every time I come home from college, it feels like you get a little bit taller.

I was exactly where you are three short years ago: prom, graduation and getting ready for college. It's an amazing time, and full of celebration. If an old soon-to-be college senior can give you one piece of advice: enjoy these last few weeks of freedom. Graduating high school is a huge milestone, and comes with a lot of responsibility. Celebrate being young and free, without any responsibilities. Everyone is so anxious to grow up, but being an 'adult' is hard (side note: is 21 really an adult, or an adult-in-training).

After countless applications, essays, struggling with the Common App, and other struggles that come with senior year of high school, you finally did it. It's time to learn your new fight song, find a roommate and get ready for the next four years; they will be life-changing.

I can't wait for you to start the next four years of your life: to find your passion, make new friends, make mistakes and learn from them. Everything is an opportunity, take advantage of it (except 8 a.m. classes, never take an 8 a.m.).

Enjoy the last few days of freedom. Celebrate - you deserve it. I'm always here for you, with any advice I can give (but I'm mostly just winging it).

Love, your big sister,


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