'Carter V' Is A Creative Work Of Art That Puts Lil Wayne On Top Of The Rap Game
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'Carter V' Is A Creative Work Of Art That Puts Lil Wayne On Top Of The Rap Game

Lil Wayne highlights his attempted suicide as a child and the journey he has had as a father and in the rap game.

Lil Wayne holding a bottle of alcohol

A lot of people have false ideas of what it is rappers typically rap about. For people who don't know rap, the first thing they think of is guys who rap about drugs, women, money, and guns. However, rap is a lot more than that. It's how rappers express themselves. It's how they tell their stories. Lil Wayne proves this with every project he has ever made. Lil Wayne's music sets him apart from many rappers and the influence he has had on the hip-hop world will forever be carried on through new music. Wayne's most well-known project is the Carter series and it is made up of five different albums: "Carter I," "Carter II," "Carter III," "Carter IV," and "Carter V." If you haven't listened to them, I highly suggest you do and I guarantee it'll change your view on the rap game.

His most recent album "Carter V" puts Lil Wayne at the top, as the creativity, time, and talent put into this album is just unbeatable.

1. The hype behind this album has made it great before it even had a release date.

"Carter V" is the final chapter to Lil Wayne's legendary Carter series. This album has been talked about since 2014 because it's original release was May of that year. It's 2018 and we're just now getting "Carter V," but it's OK, it's exactly what we've all been waiting for. It's actually better that the album come out now because it just gave Lil Wayne more time to create something amazing. This album is years of work and you can definitely hear that

2. Carter V is like a time machine.

Some of the songs on "Carter V" have features from artists who recorded them years ago. In 2014, Travis Scott tweeted about how excited he was that he had been working on something with Wayne. Not to mention, Wayne includes samples from gospel songs produced in the '70s. The music on this album is music from over years. It makes a unique sound that brings together years of different sounds from different artists, all on one, largely anticipated, album. Creative? I think, yes.

3. This album may be one of Wayne's most heartfelt projects yet.

The album kicks off with a message from Wayne's mother. The rest of the album, Wayne talks about various different things that hit home for him and he incorporated all of his messages the most perfect way he can: his music. Lil Wayne highlights his attempted suicide as a child and the journey he has had as a father and in the rap game: "If it wasn't for Wayne, it wouldn't be."

* * *

"Carter V" easily puts Wayne at the top for top-five rapper. His projects as a whole reflect his life and his impact he has had this far. So many new artists today have been influenced by Lil Wayne and a lot of what rapid today is because of Lil Wayne. So, as Barack Obama once said (a sample of what he said is actually featured in a song on "Carter V"), "They might think they've got a pretty good jump shot or a pretty good flow. But our kids can't all aspire to be LeBron or Lil Wayne!"

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