Poetry On Odyssey: Life's Not Fair Is It?
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Student Life

Poetry On Odyssey: Life's Not Fair Is It?

Friends v. Followers

Poetry On Odyssey: Life's Not Fair Is It?
Cienna Stuhl

So you feel like life isn't fair, but are you surprised?

Did you get caught up in social media and it's lies?

Every profile portrays that they don't need grace,

But their mask is a disguise.

She went to brunch, prayed and had fun

He's with his bros, camping in the sun

You're in your room, wondering when you'll be the one

The one with the friends

The one with who keeps up with the trends

The one who blends

in with the rest.

But we're all a mess

So full of worry and stress

It's just that we can't confess

That our lives are less than the best

Because the moment we fall

And show that we don't have it all

Is the moment we're real,

And you can see all our flaws.

That's when we're less than a ten.

After brunch she still feels broken and alone,

she longs for the connection to last

for it to not slip into the past

so she posts the memory on her phone.

After camping he struggles to climb the next mountain,

to complete all the tasks on his plate

but he's bending and breaking under the weight

of the tasks that fly at him from a bottomless fountain.

Life isn't fair and it never will be,

You can care or you can set yourself free.

Let go of the image when you're with your friends

Let them in on your struggles and learn to depend

On the wisdom of others,

Their strength and their care,

Because when you do life will seem a little more fair.

Life is fair because it's unfair to everyone

We've all tripped up and come a little undone

And when we slip off the mask

Is when we can step up to the task

Of building friendships

Instead of gaining followers.

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