Life With A "Huskweiler"
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Life With A 'Huskweiler'

9 things to expect when you bring one of these furry little monsters in to your life

Life With A 'Huskweiler'
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My dog's name is Phynn, and he is a Huskweiler. My husband and I stumbled across this particular breed in our search to compromise. He wanted a big dog, and I wanted a small dog. Well, we got a medium dog with one big personality. Here is what you can expect from these funnily named pups!

Expect to be overwhelmed by their cuteness

One of his first naps

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Adorable, right?! Trust me, they know it. They will give you the sweetest and saddest puppy eyes you have ever seen to get them out of trouble or having to go in their kennel. I can admit, it makes me weak!

Expect no toy to last longer than five minutes 

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We have gone through countless toys with Phynn. The rottie in them will make them want to chew apart anything they can find. Boxes, socks, toys, paper towels, almost a $50 dollar, the list goes on and on. They will certainly keep you quick on your feet and short on your patience.

Expect them to be a great help in the garden (They love dirt)

Relaxing after a hard days work...

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They LOVE dirt. It is like a natural high for them. They will dig and eat dirt, not to mention anything found in the dirt! One whiff of dirt and he is running around the yard like its the Kentucky Derby.

Bathing them is like trying to catch an oily fish with your hands

Attempt number five to jump out of the tub

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I have tried just about every trick in the book! I put peanut butter on the side of the tub, I have fed him treats, and it lasted a whole two minutes. He was jumping, fur was flying (and sticking to my walls), Needless to say, I too was soaked!

Speaking of fur...they SHED.

The result of a quick brush

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Phynn is my first "long" haired dog. I'm sure most of you know the following information, but I was shocked! The husky in these dogs means the get winter and summer coats. This causes them to itch and bite at their own fur and shed everywhere. My particular huskweiler hates to be brushed, he again, tries to chew on the brush (see number 2). So this photo is the result of just a few quick swipes. Our vacuum cannot keep up with the constant tumbleweeds of fur rolling across my kitchen floor.

They are curious and smart

Just looking for a snack...nothing to see here

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They learn quick. From learning how to climb on everything to learning cute commands like "high-five" and "roll-over" ( my personal favorite), they pick it up quick. They are smart and good listeners when they want to be.

They have no sense of personal space

Those eyes

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He is constantly wanting to be around us. Whether we are cooking in the kitchen or watching a movie, he is either under our feet or laying on us. As I type this, he is putting his head on my keyboard (where my lap is). They love to smother you in kisses. For such a loving dog, he hates to see affection. Whenever my husband and I get close to hug or snuggle on the coach, he has to break it up. He will assert himself right in the middle of us. He must be the center of attention, which clearly means being right up in your face at all times...otherwise, you may miss something cute! O, and he will make sure he has your attention. For example, when I take a few minutes each morning to read my Bible, he will purposefully get into something so I have to fuss with him, thus giving him the attention he craves.

They are little snow angels

Snow covered and happy

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This winter has been Phynn's first experience with snow, and he loves it! He sniffs it, eats it, tries to catch it as it falls from the sky. He will whine at the door, not because has to go to the bathroom (as he is trained), but because he wants the snow. It is a battle trying to get him to come in as I am freezing my nose off. It really has been such a fun experience seeing him discover snow.

They will steal your heart

Half husky, half rottie.

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Despite, them being cantankerous, these pups will quickly steal your heart. They will test your patience with their incessant need to chew, their constant need for attention, and their stubborn ways. However, they will make you melt even quicker. From Phynn's morning Husky Howl, to his inability to make both his ears stand up, I adore him. These huskweiler pups make a lovable and quirky addition to any household and family.

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