26 Lessons I Learned At College From My Best Friends, NOT My Professors
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26 Lessons I Learned At College From My Best Friends, NOT My Professors

I honestly don't know how I made it so long without them.

26 Lessons I Learned At College From My Best Friends, NOT My Professors
Jill Frye

While we learn a lot in lecture halls, what we learn outside them and from whom is just as important. Starting at a new college is a huge adjustment, but it's so much better when you make great friends who make it easier. Even with some of us having drastically different majors, I've still learned some incredibly important life lessons from them.

1. Step outside your comfort zone when it comes to making friends.

You never know who you'll meet. It could be someone you never talk to again, but they could also end up becoming your second family.

2. "Sun Dial Day" is super important.

Since it was put in backward, it's only correct four times per year.

3. Watching "Saturday Night Live" sketches isn't just a hobby but a way of life.

"That's somethin' to shoot for."

4. Wearing animal onesies to marching band practice for Halloween is completely normal.

Find a better-looking flute section — I'll wait.

5. If you have to ask "Should we use a reference from 'The Office'?", the answer is always yes.

*Casually decorates a door after 3 a.m.*

6. There's nothing better than when the university's president asks if he can take your photo.

Oh, no big deal. We just casually got put on his Twitter.

7. Twinning may be winning, but triplets are the best.

Who wouldn't want to match their best friends at a hockey game?

8. Secret Santa is the best way to end fall semester.

Squad Secret Santa — because the more people, the better.

9. Sometimes your bus gets lost on a five-hour drive to a game, but in the end, it's still OK.

We may have gotten lost and been over an hour late to the stadium, but at least we still did "warm-ups" on the bus.

10. You're never too old for escape rooms.

We all know that the best ones are nerd themed.

11. Business lectures are better with friends.

Anything can be turned into a squad adventure.

12. Mac bites and board games make for the best kind of Friday night.

Honestly, who wouldn't want to do this?

13. OK, the best way to spend a Friday night is actually to watch "Avatar: The Last Airbender" in the business school.

"Avatar," snacks, blankets and playing Sardines after — what could be better?

14. I might find sports boring, but it's always worth it to go watch friends play.

This is when they tell you they're a terrible team but then you go watch them win 5-0. Liars.

15. The Centimeters are actually the best fan base that Seven Meter Sun could want.

How could they not love us?

16. Sometimes you just need to look classy and powerful.

Friends who pose together, stay together.

17. The Great Set problem can drive you crazy.

If you haven't played Set, the idea of the game is to make sets of three cards that either match or completely mismatch. We wanted to find the 20 cards that can't work together.

18. Monday Funday is the best day of the week.

Gorgeous weather, no classes and Set make for a perfect day.

19. Winter isn't actually the worst, and sledding is fun.

This took some convincing, but it definitely changed my opinion about snow.

20. Bonfires and singing are a wonderful way to spend an evening.

I wish more people were into this kind of thing.

21. 2 a.m. trips to Pulley Diner are sometimes a necessity.

I'll take an Oreo milkshake and fries, please. These trips are also really great after hot tub parties.

22. Polaroid photos will never go out of style.

Who said the ways of the past had to disappear?

23. Always take classes with your friends if possible

As you can see, we're all super happy to see each other.

24. Even though The Dundies are from "The Office," they can still happen in real life.

How extra does a friend group need to be to have their own awards show?

25. Charter Day Ball is so much better than high school prom.

Only in college can you order pizza for dinner while wearing formal outfits, play card games before the dance, and have your university's president get in your dance circle.

26. College marching band is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have.

It's a massive time commitment, but I wouldn't trade my experiences, memories or friendships from it for anything.

It's crazy to think I've only known these people for less than a year when it feels like it's been so much longer, but I know we have tons of memories and adventures to come for the rest of our lives. Thank you to my new best friends for an incredible first year at Miami, and I can't wait to see everyone again hopefully over the summer and again when we move back in the fall.



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