19 Life Lessons I Learned At 19

Going into my 20th Birthday and my 21st year, I think back upon this year of 19 and how much I have learned.

1. Trust others more

Becoming a director in Student Association really taught me how to trust others around me and to really open up myself to them.

2. Love harder

Life is a beautiful gift and we should NEVER take it for granted. Always hug a little tighter and love a little more.

3. Respect your parents

This one may seem hard at times, but they have been through this and they know what they're talking about.

4. Have more fun

At times I get so wrapped up in studies and work, but sometimes I need to focus on my mental state and hold off on other tasks.

5. Lose negative friends

For the few that ignore you and don't improve you and your relationship, its time to let them go. While it may seem hard, I promise you there will be someone you will grow closer to.

6. Plan a big vacation


7. Put yourself out there

Apply for things you're interested in. Make the first move in a relationship.

8. Be more independent

Slowly but surely I will have to leave my childhood home and begin my own adult life. Begin now by taking baby steps.

9. Pray more

The more that occurs in my life I realize that I need God to guide me through this journey. I can't fix everything.

10. Work harder

Work to where you want to go. Hold yourself to standards that will make others want to follow you.

11. Believe in yourself

Stay strong in who you are no matter what faces you.

12. Be more kind

We are all human beings trying to live together. And that's how we should try to live our lives.

13. Stop profiling

Steer away from the stereotypes and get to know people for how they act not what they look like.

14. Not everyone will like you

Some people will never understand you, and that's okay.

15. Its okay not to have a "group"

In high school there were always these groups that people had. But going into college, you really begin focusing on the individual relationships.

16. Stop worrying about your body

There is someone out there who will love you no matter what. They will love eating donuts with you and not judge you for it. Stop worrying about what each individual part looks like and worry about how you feel.

17. Laugh more

Laughing is a natural medicine and there is always time to watch your favorite comedian or laugh with your family.

18. Make new friends

I have made some of the best of friends just from having class with them or being in the same organization.

19. Live in the moment

Give all your energy to those around you and really focus on what you are doing together. These moments will not last forever. Its what makes me smile when going to bed.

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