A Letter To The Olympians Returning From Rio
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A Letter To The Olympians Returning From Rio

You didn't just win the gold in Rio, you won the hearts of Americans from East to West.

A Letter To The Olympians Returning From Rio

To all of the Olympic Athletes Returning Home from Rio:

Thank you.

Thank you for travelling all over the world, representing the United States better than anyone could ever dream of.

You have taken the devotion that most people only have for a short amount of time and turn it into a lifelong commitment. When most people decided it was the end of the line, you chose to defy the odds.

You chose to give up your whole life and represent the one and only United States in an effort to win some type of hardware to bring back to us here in the States.

You chose early mornings and even later nights to achieve a dream that most people can only dream about in their lives.

Instead of letting the workouts and pressure of competing on the biggest international stage get the best of you, you took it and channeled it into one of the most memorable Olympics that the United States has ever had.

The most outstanding part of it all is when people try to put you on a pedestal and admire everything you accomplished, saying that you are the best in whatever you do, you do not let it get to you.

You stay humble. You never just take the credit that you deserve for all the work you put in. You will acknowledge everyone you know, and all of us that you don't know, for standing behind you during your entire Olympic journey.

I have played many sports throughout my life and have juggled the craziest of schedules, but I will forever live the dream of being at the Olympics through you all, just like every other American watching. When you felt the pain, we felt it with you. As you scored the Olympic-winning point, we felt the excitement with you.

And the best part is, we will always be with you, following along as far as this crazy road will take you.

You have been blessed with the gift to not only compete, but be the best at what you do, and we, the United States, could not be any happier that you were given that gift.

I guess I just have to say, from me and the rest of the United States: Thank you.

Thank you for falling in love with the game and letting your passion carry you all the way to this point in your career. We could not be anymore proud of every single one of you athletes than we are right now.

And for all of the athletes whose trail ends in Rio: Thank you for a lifetime of devotion to the sport. We will forever be grateful for your sacrifices.

We can't wait to see what you all accomplish in your lives, both athletically and personally.


One of Many Who Can't Wait to See What You Do Next

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