Dear Scrunchies,

Oh, how I love you. You have changed my life for the better. I remember I had you sitting in all my beauty things freshman year of college unused until I was a sophomore, and my whole life changed.

From that 80's skate night, on, I knew that we could never be apart. You were so big and could hold all of my hair perfectly. You had just the right amount of wear that the elastic would wrap around tight enough to hold my hair in a bun, but not too tight that it felt like it was being ripped out.

We went everywhere together and you were my trusty sidekick. Those months that I lost you threw me into a crazed spiral of scrunchies trying to find one that would be the perfect replacement.

I searched and searched for you, swearing up and down that my cat stole you. I went to Claire's and I bought 8 more; an exact replacement, a backup, a backup of the backup, and various velvet ones for fun. I was determined to have you back.

The exact replacement did not have the right specifications for my needs. It was much looser than you and did not provide me with enough stability for my buns. I turned to my now trusty pink velvet one and fell in love.

It never leaves my wrist. I am so lost without a scrunchie that I keep an extra in my car, backpack, and purse just in case I lose it or forget it at home.

I love how soft you are and how you perfectly capture the scent of my honey shampoo. I love how effortlessly stylish you make me look and how you add a pop of color to my days.

Thank you for being the perfect accessory and pop of color. Thank you for holding back my hair in the gym and on hot days. Thanks for being so easy to take out so when the kids at work do my hair, they don't rip it out. Thank you, scrunchie, for being my ride or die.

Oh, scrunchie, I love you so much. I hope you never go out of style.

Sincerely with Love,

The Crazy Scrunchie Lady