A Letter To Generation X And Baby Boomers
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Recently, many articles have been published blaming millennials for the constant decline in many industries and are directly blaming the younger generation. As a millennial, I believe these types of attacks need to stop.

Millennials are not to at fault for the decline in the golf industry, vacations, bar soap, or napkin industry. Millennials should not be held accountable for killing Tony the Tiger, Home Depot, or the NFL. We are not solely responsible for bringing the oil industry to their knees or making Macy's another victim. We are not responsible.

We are different. We are changing the way of life. We are not impressed with the same old,same old. Things change. You don't see hoops and sticks on the playground, do you? Remember when we were solely responsible for the CD industry flopping because something better came around?

It's changed in the world that are making these industries fail. BUZZFEED recently released an article blaming millennials for 28 Things Millennials are Killing in Cold Blood. So here's the cold hard truth for the people of BUZZFEED and the older generation...


We are not to blame for their companies poor connection to the younger generation. Instead of blaming us for your failures, why don't you try to go after the next generation if you are so concerned?

Frankly, I hate napkins. I have never liked them. They are too thin and useless to me. The fall apart when water touches them and can't clean up anything worth a darn. On top of that, if there is anything sticky on my hand's napkins will only stick to the stickiness and not remove it. They serve no role in my life because they are out of date.


Stop trying to escape goat your failures onto my generation.

We are in the 21st century yet the companies that are failing were big in the 20th century. Times change. They just do.

Tons of articles, written on behalf of the older generation, have been written about the Millennials and their killing spree. Forbes, Business Insider, The Daily Dot, and The New York Times all directly blamed us. If you look at the photos of the writers then you will see the truth behind these articles.

The Millennial's age range is between 18-34 years old. The youngest I saw was 37 years old!

The 37-year-old goes by Michael Hogan and is the writer for Fusion. In his articles, he detailed 47 things we are killing. Some of them are as outdated as he is. When you look at the list of things we are supposedly killing I can only really think of one thing and that is the paper industry.

No one actually buys books anymore when we can read everything at our fingerprints. Not even the generation above mine. Does anyone remember the bookstore Borders? It went bankrupt back in 2011 because it was too late to the e-book scene. The paper industry is dying. Students and parents alike are switching over to handheld devices to make their life easier. And even with the paper industry, I do not truly believe we alone are killing it.

So dear Generation X and Baby Boomers, stop blaming the younger generation. Your parents blamed you for killing their industries.

P.S. I am not sorry for your loss.

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