Haunted Houses Are Not For Everyone
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Haunted Houses Are Not For Everyone And That Includes Me

My terrifying first and last experience at ANY haunted house. EVER.

Haunted Houses Are Not For Everyone And That Includes Me

I've never really been a person to like scary things. I watched a few scary movies but I strictly watched them when the sun was still out because if it was dark, I'd freak myself out. I had never been to any haunted houses whether they were real or fake, and I was okay with that. I was comfortable in my "spooky SZN" ways of watching the "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" Halloween special and handing out candy to children, but that all changed when I spent my first Halloween with my boyfriend last year.

Of course, opposites attract, and my boyfriend loves EVERYTHING about Halloween and loves to scare himself and others. So last year, when spooky SZN came around, he begged me to go to Netherworld, a haunted house in Atlanta, Georgia with him. I REFUSED to go because I hate putting myself in situations where I feel vulnerable and scared. Somehow, he convinced me to go and the entire week I was STRESSED for this moment.

The day started out fine, I spent the morning and afternoon mentally preparing myself for the tragic evening ahead with some Netflix binging and before I knew it, my boyfriend was at my house to pick me up. Our friend and his girlfriend were coming as well, so we decided to meet up for dinner, then drive over to Netherworld. On the way to the restaurant, I started not feeling well. My stomach was making these weird bubbly noises and I became extremely nauseous and my heart started to increase; it was one of the signs that my anxiety was taking over.

Now I'm an old lady at heart and take WAY too much medicine for a 21-year-old, so I got out my medicine for nausea that I needed and took it. It helped a little so we continued on to the restaurant. When we got to the restaurant, I made sure to eat a lot of rice to calm my stomach down, but somehow, that didn't really help, and as soon as we were leaving after our meal, my anxiety got even worse. Like I said before, I take too much medication, so I had to go to the bathroom to take yet ANOTHER pill (this one for anxiety) to keep from having a full blown anxiety attack about this damn haunted house.

The car ride to Netherworld was pretty quiet since I was giving myself a pep-talk the entire time and trying to keep my dinner down from the stress (TMI? sorry.) When we got to the parking lot, my boyfriend asked me if I just wanted to stay in the car while the rest of the crew went, but along with my unfortunate major anxiety issues, I have bad FOMO, and momma didn't raise a quitter, so I sucked up my courage and left the safe confines of my boyfriend's car.

When we reached the Netherworld grounds, I'm not going to lie, it looked pretty cool. The open area before you get in line was decorated with cobwebs and dead trees, with a huge skull with red eyes in the middle of the park. They had a few monsters in the lot that would walk around and take pictures with you, but I wasn't going ANYWHERE near them.

After we got our tickets, we had to stand in line for at least two hours, and when it's below 40 degrees, that's absolute torture. We literally had to huddle together to remotely stay warm. I guess the cold froze away my anxiety because by the time we got to the front of the line and entered the first house, my nausea had gone away and I felt fine; I was still very nervous though. During the first part of the house, we had to be in a single-file line because the walk-way was extremely narrow. I refused to be in front, so my boyfriend (bless his heart) took the front, followed by me, and our friends near the caboose.

Now, this is where things get a little hazy because I don't have a vivid memory of what happened; that's what happens when you experience TRAUMA. I just remember a lot of strobe lights, people in terrifying/realistic costumes screaming in my face, and my deafening screams in return. In my vivid memory, I remember telling some of these monsters to get away from me (and I was low key serious because halfway through the house I had had it) yet they STILL came towards me, so I almost "squared up" on a few of them.

For the second house, they gave us 3D glasses at the entrance. Now I knew I didn't like 3D movies in the first place because I hated when things popped out at me, so I knew I would soil myself if something REAL popped out at me in 3D. Because of this, I kept my glasses off the entire time, but it was still as equally terrifying. Bottom line is, my boyfriend almost lost an arm because I was clutching onto him for dear life the entire, and I almost was kicked out for almost clocking those employees that got too close.

Now I may be overdramatic, but I don't really understand the thrill of knowingly putting yourself into a situation where you're vulnerable. Having mini anxiety attacks and screaming every 15 seconds just isn't my thing, and you will NEVER see me at a haunted house EVER again.

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