10 Lessons "The Boy Who Lived" Taught Me
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10 Lessons "The Boy Who Lived" Taught Me

The summer I spent with Harry Potter

10 Lessons "The Boy Who Lived" Taught Me

It was something that I swore I would never, ever do. I managed to grow up without not only never reading a "Harry Potter" book but also avoiding seeing any of the movies. My friends couldn't believe it. They would tell me about the book series that impacted their lives, but I would just roll my eyes. It was like the game, never would I ever Harry Potter.

Then came the must anticipated release of "The Cursed Child." I was in Barnes and Noble with a friend who had begun to threaten to disown me if I didn't join the fandom soon. I thought, "Well, what the heck? One book won't hurt." "The Sorcerer's Stone" was on sale, so I bought it. Soon, one book turned into a full summer spent with The Boy Who Lived, and I can't say I regret any of the late nights I spent finishing each book and days I spent driving to the nearest bookstore to hunt the next.

Since it took me 18 years to join this fandom, I thought it would be nice to remind all of you hardcore Harry Potter fans of the top ten lessons that Harry Potter taught us about life, love, and loss.

1. Never underestimate the power of an amazing mentor.

DUMBLEDORE!!! It was the death that hit me the hardest. He was the one who picked up the role of protecting Harry at all cost after his parents died. From the beginning, Dumbledore made sure that Harry would be safe until the time came for him to face He Who Must Not Be Named. He made sure that Harry had everything he needed for victory, and he allowed himself to be killed in order for Harry to fulfill his destiny. Dumbledore was not only a mentor to Harry, he was a friend. Plus, his wisdom was pretty spot on, and he never had anything unimportant to say.

2. Never trust what you can’t explain.

Oh, Ginny! Why didn't a diary that could talk to you like a best friend not immediately make you question everything? Harry, did you not learn from Ginny's mistakes and realize that the Half Blood Prince could not bring any good in your life? Let's face it, if you can't explain it, don't trust it. Always listen to your instincts. Never let you need for someone to listen to you or to be a success in something cloud your judgment. If it writes like a villain and talks like a villain... usually it is a villain. (Except the Half-Blood Prince did end up redeeming himself in the end.)

3. A guy and a girl can love each other without being in love with each other.

I love Harry and Hermione's relationship. They showed how a guy and a girl can love each other without being in love with each other. They are the perfect example of how a guy and girl can be best friends without being in a romantic relationship. Harry always protected Hermione, and Hermione was never afraid to tell Harry like it was. She is Hermione Granger after all.

4. Then, there is the opposite that shows that a guy and a girl who are best friends can be something more.

Ron and Hermione spent the better part of six books avoiding their feelings for one another and swearing that they were just friends knowing they were not. Who could forget how Hermione used Krum to make Ron jealous and how Ron used Pansy to get back at her. Then, with their deaths looming over them, they finally got over themselves to began what would be a beautiful relationship. Oh, the feels!

5. Never let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do.

While we are talking about Harry's friends, let's talk about Neville. When we first met him, he was the annoying fourth friend that was a joke amongst the rest of his classmates. By the end of the series, we learn his story and love him for it. When everything is over, he is no longer an annoying four friend but an equally important part of the team that helps Harry end Voldemort's life. You go, Neville!

6. The villains in the story deserve some sympathy too.

Throughout the series, we all had times where we hated Snape, Malfoy, the Dursley's, Umbridge, and especially Voldemort. Yet, when learning bits and pieces of their stories, we saw how in them were reasons for the people they turned out to be. We were able to have moments where we could feel sorry for them a split second and then go right back to hating them. (Well, we would always hate Umbridge, Uncle Vernon, and Voldemort, but still... you get the point.)

7. There are just plain ole bad people in this world with no excuse other than being that kind of person.

PERCY! The prat. He ended up being a jerk to his family, and while I kept hoping there was a reason behind it... there wasn't. He was just a terrible person. Umbridge, she will always be the witch with a b that had the nerve to show up to Dumbledore's funeral when she should have been too ashamed. Uncle Vernon, he will always be the one who was never able to accept Harry for who he was. Jerks.

8. Loss can invade at any stage of life.

Harry's journey begins with the death of his parents as his one-year-old-self watches helplessly not knowing what is going on. Throughout the rest of his life, he loses nearly everyone he loves- do I even need to write them all out? It proves that it doesn't matter how old or young you are. Death can invade and crush your innocence anytime and anywhere. It is about how you deal with your grief that defines you. You must make the people who made the sacrifices for you in life proud to have made those sacrifices.

9. Sometimes your friends become your family.

I don't think there will ever be a trio of friends that could prove how friends can become family more than Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Together, they face everything and anything you can think of and prove how it is always better to remain united instead of apart. Yes, they fight like all friends do, but they are always quick to make up and are never afraid to admit their parts in whatever argument they are solving. Their friendship becomes the family that Harry always wanted, and is the face of all our friendship goals today.

10. A book can take you to a world entirely different than you could ever imagine.

4,224 pages and 198 chapters make up the seven books in the Harry Potter series. In those pages, another world is created that is truly indescribable to the people who aren't apart of it. How could I ever explain what Harry Potter has truly taught me? Do I start with the lessons on friendship, love, loss, bravery, sacrifice, forgiveness, and a whole bunch of other words that I could use to make this article even longer than it already is? The truth is, I cannot. I didn't understand how amazing the Harry Potter fandom is until I became a part of it and added my laughter, tears, excited screams, angry screams, and celebratory fist bumps in the air with the rest of the world. Now that I understand it, I can love everything about it.

Now that my summer with Harry is coming to a close, I can appreciate the amazingness that is J.K. Rowling in creating an entire universe that has taught me these lessons and much more and will always remember the fact that no matter how much time passes before I re-read this series that has stolen my heart, Rowling reminds me, “Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.”

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