20 Things I have learned in my 20 years

Two decades is a pretty long time to be alive, not really, but these are some things that I have learned in my twenty years of life. Twenty lessons that I have learned either the hard way or the easy way.

1. Never let someone tell you what you can and can not do.

2. Always remember who loves you, because one day they might not be there.

3. Go after what you want no matter what.

4. Enjoy being young because you grow up in a blink of an eye.

5. Don't forget who raised you, always appreciate them.

6. Be thankful that you are healthy and alive because so many people aren't.

7. Do not settle for anything.

8. Take any opportunity that presents itself because it may never happen again.

9. Always remember that you are beautiful inside and out.

10. No one else decides who you are but YOU.

11. Fake friends aren't worth your time.

12. If you wanna dye your hair or pierce your ear - go for it because, as cheesy as it is, YOLO.

13. Everyone makes mistakes.

14. No one, absolutely no one, is perfect.

15. People all have their flaws and sometimes you have to accept those.

16. Live every day to the fullest.

17. Depression is a real thing and if you feel it, reach out to someone, anyone.

18. Make everyday count.

19. Work hard so you can play later.

20. Don't be someone else, BE THE FIRST YOU.

Every year you grow a little wiser, and I recently turned twenty so I wanted to share some things that I have learned. Just remember that you can do anything you set your mind to. If you dream it you can do it, here is to the rest of your life and how you want to live it.

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