I'm the type of person who likes to plan everything out weeks in advance. I make distinct plans to do things with people I love, and if they don't go the way I initially planned, I tend to get very disappointed.

I'm sure there are many more of you out there who are like me in this way, so I wanted to speak on this. Being a young woman who aspires to change the world one day and live out all of my wildest dreams, I know that disappointment is inevitable, but in saying that, I've learned that I need to redirect my energy.

Instead of putting so much emphasis on distinct orders and patterns to life, I need to try my best to wholeheartedly live in the moment. Yes, making plans can be amazing, and staying organized is a great character trait to possess, but letting those things rob you of the opportunity to truly live in the moment can serve as a disadvantage in your lives.

Just the other day, I planned out a fun day with my boyfriend, that would consist of shopping, exploring places we had previously talked about, and merely enjoying each other's company, but because of the high (and quite possibly unrealistic) expectations I set for the day, I let it take a negative toll on the rest of our afternoon.

It was my fault because I put this idea in my head of how I wanted life to go that day, and I let it cloud my judgment. I let it dictate my mood, and unfortunately, I slightly upset the love of my life during the process.

I say all of this to let you know that everything in life will not always go as planned, so it's better to just let things happen as they are.

I am learning that spontaneity can bring some of the most rewarding days of our lives, so why don't we try to let go more and live in the moment?

Coming from a woman who has focused too much on the future rather than the present, I know how hard it is to truly live in the moment sometimes, but I encourage you to try. I am learning to take my own advice and cherish the moments I experience right now, in the present, because, after all, we aren't guaranteed life after today, tomorrow, or even the next day, so we have to try our best to make the most of each day and wholeheartedly live in the moment.

Life is more beautiful that way.