A Lazy Girl's Tips On Natural Beauty
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A Lazy Girl's Tips On Natural Beauty

Sometimes we just don't want to put the time and effort into a beauty routine, whether it be hair care, skin care, or makeup for the day.

A Lazy Girl's Tips On Natural Beauty

Sometimes you get so caught up with the rest of your life that when you have a bit of free time, you end up just turning on Netflix and passing out an hour later. Or, you have a ton of free time and you still just watch Netflix and knock out, which is also completely understandable. No judgement here, I would do the same. Regardless, my point is that sometimes we just don't want to put the time and effort into a beauty routine, whether it be haircare, skincare, or makeup for the day. I often fall into this, but I've picked up a few things that have helped me throughout the years.

1. Drink Water

This seems like a no-brainer, but it really helps and it is so often overlooked. The recommended daily amount of water for an individual is 64 oz a day. That's 4 regular sized 16 oz water bottles. I used to struggle a lot with this until I invested in a 32 oz reusable water bottle, which I bring to class with me every day. Whenever I'm hydrated, I notice my skin is clearer, my lips aren't as dry, and my nails are stronger, so it's definitely an easy life adjustment that not only benefits your appearance but your overall health as well.

2. Rose Water Facial Spray

Whenever I'm in a hurry to get ready but still want my skin to look good, I'll spray my Mario Badescu Facial Spray on the front and sides of my face. It instantly makes your skin look dewy, hydrated, and healthy so that you look fresh and awake for the day-- all in one step.

3. Lip Balm 

Another seemingly obvious part of one's routine that often gets skipped over or forgotten. I generally use a thicker lip balm or Vaseline at night, and either a Burt's Bee's Tinted Lip Balm or the Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 during the day. Hydrating your lips along with your skin is a key part in looking healthy and fresh, without any makeup.

4. Brow Gel

If you don't have the time or want to put makeup on (I totally get it) but still want to seem a little bit put together, I would focus on your eyebrows. Eyebrows frame the face and often leave the most prominent impression onto others. If you are not wearing any other makeup on your face, I would recommend a gel due to the fact that it isn't as stark as a pomade or pencil, and still shapes the brows. However if you have very sparse brows, then the former could work better for you; it's all a matter of preference. I use the Essence brow gel.

5. Volumizing/Texturizing Spray

Finally, don't forget your hair! Adding a volumizing or texturizing spray to your hair creates a little more body and give to the hair. I like this one by Shea Moisture, but I do have dry, loose curly hair, so pick your product according to your hair type.

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