Law And Order SVU Workout
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The SVU Workout For Your Sunday Morning Marathon

Get to it!

The SVU Workout For Your Sunday Morning Marathon
Law and Order SVU

SVU has been on for nearly two decades. This means for all you hardcore fans, it would take 10+ days of non-stop watching to get through every episode. Thankfully, this show is ALWAYS on. So if you're looking for a good workout to get in while binging, here it is:

1. The intro comes on

Hold a plank

2. Someone says "I need a bus!"


10 burpees

3. There's mention of a weapon (knife, gun, blade, etc.)


10 push ups



10 squats

5. You figure out they've been chasing the wrong perp


50 jumping jacks

6. DNA is tested


10 sit ups

7. A shot is fired


8 lunges each leg

8. A suspect is interrogated 


Run in place throughout the duration of the interrogation

9. A suspect is cuffed


30 second wall squat

10. Someone is called a victim


10 lemon squeezers

11. A rape kit is performed


30 second mountain climbers

12. A perp tries to run


30 second bicycles

13. Miranda rights are read

Mission Impossible Top GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY Giphy

30 second plank with hip dips

14. The show takes an hour to find/convict the bad guy


1 full minute plank!

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