Lady Gaga's Joanne: Gif Edition
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Lady Gaga's Joanne: Gif Edition

A look at Lady Gaga's newest album, with gifs for comparison.

Lady Gaga's Joanne: Gif Edition
Gaga Daily

If you haven’t noticed, Lady Gaga’s newest album released on Friday. After listening to the entire album multiple times throughout the weekend, my general consensus is: I’m SHOOK. The album is amazing. Not only is it a step out of the fairly generalized genre of “pop” but it is a complete overhaul from Gaga’s previous album, Artpop. To go along with the tracklist, I have compiled a list of gifs that display my first reactions to the album. Enjoy, Little Monsters.

Diamond Heart

“I might not be flawless but you know I got a diamond heart.”

This bop makes me want to get out a full-length dress, throw on a fresh pair of boots, and DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY. The beat, the pre-chorus, and the CHORUS. I’m dead.


“We smokin’ ‘em out.”

Like Applause, the handclaps in this tune give me life. This song is filled with pride and proudness, Gaga is proving all of the critics that she refuses to allow her music to be labeled. I like a shade throwing Gaga, GIMME MORE.


“Every part of my aching heart needs you more than the angels do.”

When I first listened to this tune, I cried. My body was covered in chills and I felt very sorrowful. THEN I read the backstory for this song and cried even more. Rest in peace, Joanne.

John Wayne

“Can I just like hang off the back of your horse? And can you go a little FASTER?!”

The open mouth section that starts the song made my burst out laughing. The electronic-breakdown in the chorus reminds me of some sort of swing song we would have heard in the Roaring 20s.

Dancin’ in Circles

“In the fire, I call your name out.”

Kids, steer clear of this song. It’s dirty, it’s western, it’s heaven. This is steamy window producing stuff. Erotica Gaga is a Gaga I need to see more of.

Perfect Illusion

“It wasn’t love; it was a perfect illusion.”

As the lead single for Joanne, Perfect Illusion provides everything that Gaga is about and more. This single really showcased Gaga’s ability to belt out the high notes of her vocal range.

Million Reasons

“If I had a highway I would run for the hills.”

Whoa, this song makes me stare off into nothingness and just… think. I’ve listened to this song at least six times, and each time I listened to this song, I found myself staring into space by the end of the song.

Sinner’s Prayer

“Hear my sinner’s prayer.”

The storytelling in this song is astounding. The song goes on a journey and towards the end, the listener knows quite a bit about the narrator’s life. The guitar riff at the beginning of the song also adds a western vibe, which is calming. I hate Country music, so listening to the beginning had me wary about how I would feel about this one, but I love it. I'm putting on my Wrangler's, a flannel, and a handkerchief as we speak, that makes me a cowboy, right?

Come to Mama

“Come to Mama, tell me who hurt ya.”

When the chorus comes out in this song, my feet want start two-stepping down a barn floor. I don’t dance at all so this is saying something.

Hey Girl (with Florence Welch)

“If you lose your way just know that I got you.”

The combined efforts of two very strong-lunged singers in one song almost killed me. Gaga and Welch have a way to hit every note with finesse. This song of friendship and teaming up against men is certainly one to stay.

Angel Down

“Shots were fired on the street by the church where we used to meet.”

Obviously, this song plays tribute to the late Trayvon Martin, a martyr for an extremely important movement. The lyrics and the tone of this song send chills crawling down my spine.

Grigio Girls

“So when I start to bawl, she says ‘let your teardrops fall’.”

Like the wine the song is named after, Grigio Girls is a sweet and savory bop. I imagine a group of strong women sitting around a bar reminiscing on life.

Just Another Day

“We both know I could learn a thing or two about relaxing.”

As the last song on Joanne, this final tune leaves the listener with a sense of closure, but also unfilled. We want more Gaga, WE. WANT. MORE.

Overall, Joanne is an amazing work of art. I love the direction that Gaga went with this album, both musically and artistically. I cannot wait until she announces the world tour. I will see you soon, Lady G. Very, very soon.

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