KPOP: Reality/Variety Shows To Re-Watch This Summer
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KPOP: Reality/Variety Shows To Re-Watch This Summer

It's Summer! Homework and stress free, so what better time to re-watch old favorites?

KPOP: Reality/Variety Shows To Re-Watch This Summer

When you’re homework-free, it’s the perfect time to unwind and catch up with some new Korean/Chinese dramas, or even re-watch some. But this summer vacation, don’t forget to re-watch these amazing reality/variety shows. Most of these are on the older side, so they’re most likely not new to you, but who could resist a good re-watch or two? Below are some favorites to add to your list this summer!

(Note: Listed are just male artists)


"Showtime" is one of those reality shows where you either laugh until your stomach hurts or start crying because of how sentimental the episodes can get.

"EXO Showtime"

"Beast Showtime"

"Infinite Showtime"


Watching your favorite idols go on the vacations that they deserve after all the hard work they do, is one of the best things in the world.

"Teen Top Never Stop In Guam"

"Teen Top In Hawaii"

"SHINee One Fine Day"

"Seventeen One Fine Day"

"VIXX One Fine Day"

"Super Junior One Fine Day"

"B.A.P Adventures in America"

"BTS American Hustle Life"

"Hello Baby":

Watching "Hello Baby" gives a big flash forward into what members may be like as parents in the future. They all handle kids in such a unique way, and it's so amazing to see the development and relationship grow between the kids and the members in the group for each season. Kind of sad that this show is discontinued now, but that's why re-watching episodes makes it that much better!

"Hello Baby with B1A4"

"Hello Baby with Boyfriend"

"Hello Baby with MBLAQ"

"Hello Baby with SHINee"

"A Song For You":

A Song For You had it's original roots featuring 2AM's Jo Kwon. Personally, I enjoy the newer episodes because they include more humor, personality and fan engagement from the groups featured in each episode. So, below are a few episodes that should definitley be checked out!

GOT7- "Just Right"

CNBLUE- "Cinderella"

B1A4- "The Solo Day Special"

VIXX LR- "Beautiful Liar"

Teen Top- "Ah-Ah"

UKISS- "Global Request Show"

"The Guru Pop Show":

Although this show no longer plays, it was amazing while it lasted and it brings back so many memories when watching it.

ZE:A EP. 7



Also others like MBLAQ, Boyfriend and C-Clown

"Beatles Code":

This show is really unique because of the hosts and the discussions they have with their guests, but that's why the show is so great. Some shows these days, tend to follow a similar script, but looking at the parallel similarities between a group's new concept and another famous artist or book, is definiley something to look forward to.

"Infinite Beatles Code 2"

"B1A4 Beatles Code 2"

"B.A.P Beatles Code"

"BTS Beatles Code 3D"

" Happy Camp":

Happy Camp is a variety show that takes place in China, and it brings a really fresh new enviornment to the other shows that are often viewed by K/Cpop fans.

"Happy Camp" with EXO-M

"Happy Camp" with EXO

"Happy Camp" with Zhang Yixing

"Happy Camp" with Super Junior-M

Self Cam/Diaries:

These are by far some of the best shows. Self cams and diaries are where the members in your favorite groups really show their true personalities and their craziness. They all have such a distinct character to them and it's really refreshing watching a show that isn't overly produced with camera staff, makeup artists and special effects.

"BTOB Diary"

"BTOB B+ Diary"

"MTV VIXX Diary"

"VIXX Plan V Diary"

"Bangtan Bomb"


"Happy Together":

Happy Together is put together by some of the best comedians and show hosts. There are so many great episodes featuring actors/actresses, comedians, popular Asian icons, and other artists, but these two episodes featuring Big Bang and Shinhwa are my favorites.

"Happy Together with SHINHWA"

"Happy Together with Big Bang"


Here are two popular survival shows that feature fairly new artists, but as a warning, the missions can get intense, and the tears are a definite part of watching these.

"Who Is Next" (WINNER & iKon)

"No. Mercy" (MONSTA X Formation)

"Let’s Go! Dream Team":

Watching your favorite artists take a break from the stage, and show off their athletic abilities will definitely cure any boredom that you may experience during the summer.

"Vault Jump Special"

"Idol Iron Man Special (Part 1 and 2)"

"Jetovator Riding + Bicycle Obstacle Race on Water"

"200th Episode Special ‘Best of the Best’ (Part 1 and 2)"

"Dream Team vs. Idol Team"

"ZE:A vs. Gag Dream Team"

"Dream Team vs. SWAT Team"

"Obstacle Race on Water"

"High Jump Competition"


There are so many other reality and variety shows that are not listed in this article, but hopefully the ones listed will take some time to watch! Now, to leave off on a good note, below are some more shows that didn't quite fit into any of the categories listed above, but should definitley be added to your watch list!

"Mamma Mia" Episode 22- "The Korean Wave Idol Special"

"Naver Starcast BTS"

"Weekly Idol" (all idols)

"After School Club" (all idols)

"BTS Run" on V APP

BTS "Rookie King"


"Real GOT7"

"Infinite Secret Dorm Life"

Infinite "Sesame Player"

"This is Infinite"

"Rising UP10TION!"


"MONSTA X Right Now"

"MONSTA X Deokspatch"

"Teen Top Rising 100%"

"UKISS Vampire"

"B.A.P Attack"

"B.A.P Camp"

Super Junior "The Ultimate Group"

Super Junior "Exploration Of The Human Body"

Super Junior "Full House"

Enjoy watching!

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