4 K-Pop Songs That'll Get You Dancing Through The Rest of Summer Quarantine
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4 K-Pop Songs That'll Get You Dancing Through The Rest of Summer Quarantine

These summer jams are more than just ordinary songs, they're a form of ease during a time of uncertainty.

4 K-Pop Songs That'll Get You Dancing Through The Rest of Summer Quarantine
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Summer, my favorite time of the year. A season of warm weather, outings with friends and of course, my birthday! (fellow cancers, where ya at?) Everything about this time of the year is amazing.

Unfortunately, we haven't been able to experience this summer to its fullest because of COVID-19. Fortunately, there are many ways to keep yourself occupied amidst all the disarray, music being my ultimate form of escape.

K-Pop is a genre of music that has recently been sweeping the playlists of my generation, and it has offered comfort during these uncertain times. These summer jams are more than just ordinary songs, they're a source of ease during a time of uncertainty. So without further ado, here are four K-Pop songs that'll get you up and moving through the rest of summer quarantine.

1. Summer- Pentagon

First up, we have up-and-coming rookie group Pentagon. Their single "Summer" is perfect for this time of the year, hence the name. Its soft melody make it an easy listen, and the beautiful harmonization between members Kino and Hui will put you into a transcendental mood. It's a perfect listen for this time of the year.

2. Very Nice- Seventeen

Let's start with the fact that Seventeen is currently one of the best hoobae groups in the industry. This song is captivating from the beginning, opening with dramatic scenery and transparent choreography that is executed perfectly. The liveliness of the track is evident from the chorus, and when that beat drops, it DROPS! The song embodies the spirited aspect of summer, and it'll definitely get you up and moving.

3. Ko Ko Bop- EXO

You CANNOT have a list of K-Pop songs without including EXO's 2017 summer comeback hit "Ko Ko Bop." The veteran group never fails to deliver, and their raw talent is presented in Ko Ko Bop. The song's versatility is evident from the get-go, opening with stunning visuals from members Kai and Suho. With its reggae flow, hallucinogenic imagery and 80s throwback aesthetic, this breezy single is the perfect anthem for any summer occasion.

4. Boy With Luv- BTS

And last, but certainly not least, we have the boyband phenomenon of K-Pop, BTS. Their 2019 Single "Boy With Luv" broke numerous records, including the largest YouTube debut in 24 hours. The song is a beautiful euphoric melody fused with feminine aesthetics. Their pastel regalia compliments the song's theme and highlight the brightness of summer. This song is a chart-topper that holds longevity and the power to dominate your summer playlist.

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