19 Names Dads Of Millennials Have, And What Kind Of Dad They Probably Are
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19 Names Dads Of Millennials Have, And What Kind Of Dad They Probably Are

Is your Dad a Helicopter Dad?

19 Names Dads Of Millennials Have, And What Kind Of Dad They Probably Are

Dads are our besties for life. They are our heroes! What is your dads name? Let's see if your Dad's name matches up with the kind of Dad he is...

Tom - The Helicopter Dad

You can pretty much hear the blades going when you walk near them or say their name.

Chris - The One-Of-The-Kids Dad

Always just trying to get into what the kids are doing these days. No Dad, you are not good at Fortnite.

Daniel - The Chore Fanatic Dad

Remember Danny Tanner? Yeah. Explains it all.

Larry - The Clumsy Dad

Always tripping over himself and is the clumsiest adult ever.

James - The Workaholic Dad

Out till 8 PM at work just trying to put food on the table. Wife is probably a stay at home Mom. Good for her.

Phil - The Hipster Dad

Forces you to recycle everything and still listens to The Beetles on repeat.

Jason - The Selective-Hearing Dad

Totally tries to act like he doesn't hear you asking him a question but claims he is not deaf.

Fred - The Absentminded Dad

Would forget their child at the grocery store.

Robert - The Nerd Dad

Always did your homework for you because helping you was just too easy.

John - The Overly-Proud Dad

Posts every one of your accomplishments on Facebook.

Brian - The Handyman Dad

Keeps a tool bag in his vehicle "just in case".

William - The Coach Dad

Always pushing you to be your best at everything and probably used to be your soccer coach as a kid.

Scott - The Emotional Dad

Cries at your school events because you are growing up too fast.

Mark - The Techsavvy Dad

Shows you everything you are doing wrong with technology. Probably researches technology issues before bed.

Michael - The Charming Dad

Always says the right things at the right times. All your friends love him.

Richard - The Realist Dad

He will tell you that you are being stupid when you clearly are and doesn't regret it.

Adam - The Goodlooking Dad

All the fellow parents think he is just so handsome an they always make sure you know too.

Kevin - The Embarrassing Dad

Carries baby pictures in his wallet to show the kid you have a crush on when he meets them for the first time.

Brad - The Sailor Dad

Every sentence usually starts with a foul word of his choice thinking that will get the point across.

David - The Worry-Wart Dad

Worries about what you eat, what time you went to bed, and when you left the house. Worry worry worry.

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