Dear World,

When will we stop with technology? I am not talking about a complete shutdown, no technology, no nothing. I am talking about a stop with our obsession. We are OBSESSED with technology. Every day consists of multiple forms of technology: an alarm clock, a phone, a working toilet, a working sink, a car, a TV, a computer, an iPad and so much more. I firmly believe if all of those stopped working, so would we. We would shut down, freeze and then possibly run around screaming that it is the end of the world.

Picture it; that is what would happen. Our lives revolve around technology. We use it for professional, social and personal uses. Everything.

I am not here claiming to get rid of it. Of course, it has helped in so many ways. We can stay connected to world news, contact relatives or friends that live really far away, travel easier over longer distances and cure more diseases. This is all great and should all continue. There are other issues, however, that need to be addressed.

Does it not bother anyone else when they go out to eat and look over and see a mom, dad and all of their kids on their phones, not talking? I mean c'mon people. We are losing our touch with reality. Does no one else see a problem with this?

OK, how about this, and I promise it is a true story. I was out to eat and looked over and saw a dad and son (maybe 4 years old). The dad had brought an iPad for his child to play on while he himself played on his own phone. But get this, the dad and son weren't even sitting at the same table. The son was one table away by himself playing on his iPad. I was sickened.

My siblings, for instance, crave my parent's phone. If they are bored, the first thing they ask for is the phone. They think they need it. It's an obsession. It has sometimes resulted in tantrums if they haven't gotten it. I don't blame my parents or my siblings. That is just how the world is today. Parents hand their phones to their kids; it's so much easier. My siblings will play outside, but only when it is nice, and not for very long. They get bored. You know why they get bored? They don't make up games. They don't pretend they have the power of fire, ice or invisibility and run around playing superheroes. I remember doing that when I was young, and to be honest, most of what I can remember from my childhood are the games I played with neighbors.

I am so jealous of my parents. They had a true childhood with no technology. That is what I wish I could have had. My childhood was cut a little short because technology was introduced around the fifth grade for me. These younger generations, however, are getting iPads right out of the womb. Yeah, you can laugh at that, but honestly, how far-fetched is that comment?

Do me and yourself a favor. After you finish reading this article, put your phone down or close your laptop. Go outside if it is nice, read a book, get something accomplished that you've been wanting to do, go get ice cream or just go hug someone you might not see as much anymore because of your phone in your face.

And please, don't take your phone with you when you go to do any of those things. Your phone is not required to do them. All you need is YOU.