I haven't always been patient. In fact, I grew up the opposite. I wanted everything immediately and got annoyed when things didn't go my way. I would stress myself out and overthink every situation. I was too attached to the events happening in my life. It took me nearly sixteen years to realize that wasn't a healthy way to live.

Nothing happens right away. That was something I knew I had to get over quickly. I wanted immediate gratification on all social platforms. I wanted others to communicate with me as much as I wanted to with them. It would make me anxious when someone I cared about read my message and chose not to respond. It made me feel as if I had done something wrong unknowingly as if I was unwanted in an instant.

In the back of my mind, I knew I was overreacting. I couldn't help myself from thinking pessimistically though. I wanted to protect myself from the hurt I was experiencing. Not having patience with others made me insecure with myself. It wasn't healthy for me to be up at night wondering about others when they weren't doing the same for me. I needed to make a change.

As I entered my late teenage years, I had a new outlook on life. Time was passing by quickly and I didn't want to waste it being in bad moods. I began taking better care of myself. Sleeping longer, going shopping, doing my nails, cleaning my space, and creating different forms of art. Anything that provided a distraction from the outside world, I did. It allowed me to be content for longer than just that moment. I focused on what I was doing and didn't let anything or anyone stand in the way of my happiness.