7 Tips On Keeping And Growing Plants In College
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7 Things To Remember If You Keep Plants As A College Student

We definitely aren't responsible enough in college to have real pets, so maybe start with some plants.

7 Things To Remember If You Keep Plants As A College Student
Sydney Cole

College makes it hard to keep up with certain aspects of regular adult life. Unless you do not have a part-time job or a ton of classes. It is almost impossible to properly take care of a dog on your own. It is not likely for you to be able to afford a nice home with a fenced in backyard. Even if you have the time to get a smaller pet like a cat or turtle or something, they still require a lot of maintenance.

So what should you get in college to make your living space homier, and won't automatically die during finals when you are living in the library for a week.


Plants are a great way to complete your home in general, but especially at college. There are a few more or less golden rules to keeping your plants happy and healthy.

Do not drown your plants

It is extremely easy to overwater indoor plants, especially in the winter months so we conscious of how much water you give your plants.

Let your plants get a rest

As strange as it sounds, you need to give your plants some space once winter rolls around. They will inevitably get a little colder which means you should be watering them less and fertilizing them less.

Know some basic signs of plant trouble

Things like pesky bugs are easy to spot but keep an eye out for discoloration in leaves to make sure your plants are staying healthy and making you happy.

Plants love being together

I don't know about the expert opinion, but in my opinion, plants seem to grow better when there are a bunch of them. It also looks better because the more, the merrier.

Learn the skill of repotting

Plants grow. Some faster than others, but nevertheless, you have to understand when your plant has outgrown its pot and how to move it over to a new home.

Choose plants that will actually survive

Think long and hard about the environment you live it, the temperate you like to keep your house at and the time you have to tend to plants when it comes to buying plants. A tropical plant will not survive a winter in the mountains if you have just a small space heater in your room.

Have some of the essentials

If you are serious about being a good plant mom, have the tools to go with it. You need a plant mister, some drip trays for under your plants, some fertilizer, and a watering can.

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