18 Kanye Tweets That Would Make Fire Instagram Captions
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18 Kanye Tweets That Would Make Fire Instagram Captions

On this week's episode of "Keeping Up With the Kanye Tweets."

18 Kanye Tweets That Would Make Fire Instagram Captions
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This past week has been all about Kanye's use of Twitter to share his thoughts, text messages, comics, and pictures of his luxuriously white home—"the sunken place." Not all of Kanye's tweets are logical; hence the questioning of his mental stability, but Kim Kardashian has settled it all down! Let the man be, so he can tweet and we can tune into "Keeping Up With the Kanye Tweets!" His ego may have gotten the best of him, but he's got some good words that we can put to use on our Instagram accounts.

1. "The world is our family"

Kanye has been all about unity recently, and he isn't wrong! We've all gotta hold hands and become one whole family.

2. "I'm nice at ping-pong"

Be proud of your talents and tell all your friends!

3. "No race, religion, region, or political party can argue with the power of love"

I stand by this fully and can't wait to use it on an artsy photo of all my friends.

4. "Rocky we gotta release our songs ASAP"

Notify your friends on the things you guys must do!

@Andria We Gotta Start Our YouTube Channel ASAP.

5. "Do this look like the sunken place"

Is it just me or does Kanye's and Kim's house look like an upper-class hospital—the walls are so white! How have the kids not colored on them yet?

6. "I'm in the future"

Futuristic photo? Kanye's got the perfect caption!

7. "I need a waterproof, silk nylon as soon as possible"

Someone get the guy the fabric he needs! Next time you are in dire need of something, tell your Instagram followers... you never know what'll show up at your door #WishList.

8. "Trend is always late"

Something to get your mind turning.

9. "Put more love into the universe"

There is always more room for love.

10. "Love has a stigma"

Everyone thinks it's cool to hate one another, but spreading love, hugs, and kisses is lame; Kanye is here to destigmatize love.

11. "F the world changed to love the world"

Have any tattoos you regret? Now is the time to change them since Kanye is changing up his!

12. "Trust your feelings"

Have a shocking photo? Assure that everyone knows you're just following your gut.

13. "Caption this"

No caption needed.

14. "Sometimes you have to get rid of everything"

I imagine my mom running all around the house, picking up everything in her gaze and screaming, "Get rid of it! We have guests coming over!"

15. "Don't follow crowds"

Kanye is all of our dads teaching us to "Be Different."

16. "Oh, by the way, this is my book that I'm writing in real time"

This is definitely how to get companies to sponsor you.

17. "Cars have four wheels"

Listen to the man.

18. "We're all servants"

And Kanye is our master.

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