15 Jonas Brothers Songs To Add To Your Sucker Playlist
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15 Jonas Brothers Songs That You Should Listen To After You Play 'Sucker' For The Millionth Time

15 year-old-me had the best music day ever on February 28th.

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Honestly, February is a crappy month. As a college student, there are no breaks (because apparently, President's Day or any sort of Black History Month recognition isn't enough to constitute a day off). In the Mid-West, it's ridiculously cold. The days are short. 90% of it is spent counting down the days until Spring Break.

BUT, at the end of this ever-awful month, 20-somethings across the world got the news we had only dreamed of: the Jonas Brothers were reuniting -- even releasing a NEW SONG -- dropping at midnight, on March 1st. One day. That's all we had to get through and we would have new music that most of us though long-died with our dreams of being *super* popular once we finally got to high school.

And so, at 12:00 AM, on the first day of March, "Sucker" was released by the Jonas Brothers. To accompany a nostalgic watching of "Camp Rock" and "Camp Rock II" (because everyone must listen to "Introducing Me"), there is quite a bit of music you can throw-back to from the early 2000s. While we hope there are many more songs to come, here is a list of 15 Jo-Bros songs that you should listen to immediately to accompany listening to "Sucker" on repeat.

1. "Burnin Up"

If you didn't scream "Red Dress" when listening to this song at a grade school dance, what were you doing?

2. "S.O.S."

Ok, so I knew it had been a while, but this song was released in 2006 and I still unapologetically am singing all the lyrics (quite loudly) in my dorm room.

3. "Year 3000"

'Cause did we really think we'd see the reunion before the Year 3000? Plus, this song is my personal favorite. Unpopular opinion, but: the best they've ever released. A "Back to the Future" reference that I honestly understood in 2006 - I felt so cool!

4. "Lovebug"

For when you wanna slow it down a bit. And we almost all pre-teen girls wanted to slow dance to this in the far-in-the-future proms. Which seriously, why didn't we?

5. "Paranoid"

This one may be a little less-known, but it's one you should check out if you can't remember that far back! (TBH, though, it's actually from 2009 - so more recent than the ones we were all actively belting on February 28th waiting for "Sucker" to drop.)

6. "That's Just the Way We Roll"

Most relatable song to having a sibling ever written - definitely highlighting the best parts of the experience.

7. "Hold On"

Free advice: when trying to listen to this, try to find a version that's not the 3D concert experience recording because the screaming teen girls is a bit deafening though earbuds. Also, when did 3D concert movies stop being a thing?

8. "When You Look Me in the Eyes"

*sigh* - 2008 me

9. "Mandy"

Another lesser known jam, but great beat. Very early 2000s.

10. "Kids of the Future"

So, guess I'm going back to watch "Meet the Robinsons" now. Plus who doesn't love that T-Rex - he's got a big head, and little arms, and was really the only person thinking through anything in that movie.

11. "Pom Poms"

From 2013, the last year (UNTIL NOW) of the Jonas Brother's musical existence.

12. "Play My Music"

While we all quietly (or not so quietly) hated on "Camp Rock" for trying to be the new HSM, we can all look back nostalgically now. Just let Kevin make his birdhouse!

13. "I Wanna Be Like You"

Yes, the song from the "Jungle Book." Because back in the day (when Disney Channel was GOOD) the great stars of HSM, Hannah Montana, the Jonas Brothers, and more covered your favorite classic Disney hits. And then became like non-Disney-famous or whatever.

14. "L.A. Baby"

Just to remind you, while not to the quality of "Hannah Montana" and "The Suite Life of Zach and Cody", "JONAS" the TV show actually happened. Seriously, what happened to Disney Channel?

15. "Your Biggest Fan"

Also from "JONAS", and honestly my favorite of the two.

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