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What Being Jobless For The First Time Has Tought Me

I thought it would be one big vacation but now all I want to do is go to work!

This is the first time since I have started working that I have been without a job. Although it has only been a couple of weeks, it has definitely felt like a whole lot longer. Let me tell you, job searching is a very quick way to humble yourself.

As much as I would complain about having to go to work, especially while being in school, now that I don't have a job I have never been more bored in my life.

It seems like the days drag on, and the nights do too because I don't have to prepare for work the next day. I spend a lot of time per day filling out as many job applications as possible and sending my resume off in hopes of landing the perfect job, but nothing yet.

I have had multiple interviews though, so I don't feel as bad, I just really don't want to rush finding the best fit for me.

So the job search is humbling and also quite scary, to me at least. With it being a new month, bills are due and I'm just watching my account dwindle, praying I will make it until I have a paycheck. I'm realizing that I most definitely should have saved more money when I had the chance, but at least I know now for the future.

Being jobless has also taught me that my family is very supporting and willing to help, and I am so grateful. I am so blessed to have the support system that I do. Although it can be scary, I know that I have the support and I am confident that I will find a job that fits soon.

If you are in the process of job searching, don't get discouraged! You will find your dream job, and everything will work out eventually. I think especially us who are post grad feel so much pressure to find the perfect job in our field, but sometimes that just isn't realistic and you have to take something in the meantime and keep looking. Good luck out there!

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