Job Interviews; The Inevitable Terror

This is inspired by job interviews, and how we stress endlessly over them.

I breathe in and out,

Trying desperately to calm my raging heart,

It’s just a job interview,

It’s not the end of my life,

If it doesn’t turn out well,

Yet it feels like it,

I’ve practiced time and time again,

In front of the mirror,

I forced my mother to sit with me,

And pretend to be the interviewer,

Hours were spent,

Just thinking of what could happen,

Of how I might not look just right,

How I might say the wrong thing,

I barley manage to keep my hands steady,

As we shack hands,

Why am I so nervous?

They’re not about to pull a gun out on me,

I remind myself to breath steadily,

In and out,

I have to calm down,

I know there is no reason for my nervousness,

But I am,

The interview is over,

After what felt like hours,

They shake my hand once more,

And tell me thanks for coming,

I smile and thank them for their time,

The moment I enter my car my body sinks,

As if all the air has left me,

The worst part is,

I will probably have to go to another one.

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