6 Jhene Aiko Songs You Need To Add To Your Playlist ASAP
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6 Jhene Aiko Songs You Need To Add To Your Playlist ASAP

There's nothing toxic about knowing your worth and Jhene proves that.

Jhene Aiko
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These are some songs that give you a good idea of what type of artist Jhene is from all four of her respective albums.

1. "The Worst"

"The Worst" is arguably the song that brought Jhene a lot of traction and grew her fanbase. This song played on the radio, and it was the first song of hers that I listened to in the sixth grade. It samples off of Jay Z's 2003 single "Excuse Me Miss," and her lyrics convey a story of regret for falling in love with someone who was unworthy of her. The music video tells a story that definitely captivates listeners and the chorus is one that gets stuck in your head.

2. "3:16 AM"

Another song from her EP "Sail Out," this one is much darker. Jhene leaves the lyrics to be open for interpretation based on what the listeners receive from the song. About a month before the music video was released, Jhene's older brother Miyagi Cholombo passed away, which is where many speculate that the underlying meanings could come from, ranging anywhere from losing someone she loved, drugs, and hints towards suicide.

3. "Comfort Inn Ending (Freestyle)"

A freestyle Jhene came up with one day that is a truly heartbreaking and vulnerable song. She shows that when she was at her lowest point when her brother passed away, her heart was broken by the one she hoped she could rely on. For me, it takes a certain level of artistic ability to just step into a studio booth and formulate all your emotion's in a fluid manner without hesitating. The end also trails off, which hints that there was more to the freestyle than what was included on the album.

4. "W.A.Y.S"

We all have certain things that are motivators for us, whether that be our parents, friends, or a significant other, and W.A.Y.S is a song that doesn't sugarcoat the harsh realities of life. But Jhene is able to convey a message that we're able to overcome these struggles and push through.

5. "Sing To Me"

"Sing To Me" is a short, but certainly sweet, song which features Jhene's daughter Namiko in this duet. Listening to the song, it is very clear just how close they are, and it shows how much love Jhene has for her daughter. It doesn't hold any deeper meaning, but it really is a good song just to sit back and listen to.

6. "Never Call Me"

Jhene wrote this song in regards to her very public divorce from producer Dot The Genius. The song is relatable for others as it deals with their lack of communication that ultimately led to the breakup. Her music video pays homage to her hometown Slauson and features friends of hers, as well as some legends like the late Nipsey Hussle, Dom Kennedy, The Game, Kurupt (who is featured on the song), and many others.

Jhene Aiko is in a category of her own with her respectable discography to back up her successful career. She first appeared on the scene in music videos for famous R&B group B2K but now has multiple features on tracks with Drake, 2 Chainz, 6LACK, Chris Brown, and some of her most notable features coming from Big Sean. Honestly, her new album "Chilombo" has so many songs that fit any situation, and she deserves more praise than what she has gotten so far.

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